1911a (Gun) WIP


And i finally found out how a 1911s back looked (under the slide), by playing S.W.A.T 4 :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, much improved work! I really like the suit. Few quick crits:

Reshape the neck line / shoulders of the suit so they curve upwards more. Pull the one side of the suit slightly over the other so it appears to be buttoned. (Unless of course you are going for the open suit look.)

Add some loop cuts to the top of slide and then move them outwards abit so you give the top of the slide a rounded appearance…

Other then that no other crits for now. I especially like how the 1911’s slide is progressing, very clean, very old school 1911a1.

Thanks again… I’ve done a lot of improvements on the suit… But im heading for the open style…i hitman cant get his guns if his jacket is buttoned, only in the games :slight_smile:

Next is the arms

Im about to fix the gun, but im going to sleep, i’ve just been to Jiu-jitsu, im sooo tired!

At the moment my only crit would be to round out the shoulders from the side.

Sorry for not updating, but we’ve got so much homework these days…anyways:

I’ve added; shape, the ‘connections’ between the pieces of the coat, an inner shirt, and a tie…

I think its safe to say, its almost finished. Next is to finish the gun. But im having issues with some ugly shading artifacts that happens when you set smooth on a flat plane, with triangles:
http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/3715/gunartefactsij4.pngIs there a way i can get rid of them?

much improovement! the suite is looking great, only crit would be to straighten the shoulder seamy to be pretty much exactly vertical, the seams on a suite if im not mistaken are vertical on the shoulders. (at least they are on my suit.

The suit is looking excellent, no crits aside what pork brought up. Have you tried rendering the gun with AO on? Usually that sort of discoloration only appears in blender, not in the render. If you posted a wire of your 1911 I might be able to give you some pointers as to how to remove
the tris.

Thanks both of you!
Pork: Im not sure which particular vertices you are talking about :confused:, could you paint an image for me?

Pink mesh: Im on 16 OSA, so that should not be the problem?, but i said it was triangles, it was not, it was quads. But the problem still persists.
Especially if i add more details!!


Heres my edit mode picture:

AO is ambient occlusion, it’s under the shading (F5) - World - ambient occlusion tab. Click the tab, then click the AO bar, then under the slider for AO’s energy, change it to .5 - Try a render.

Looking at your new pictures, you will need to select the faces on the side of the 1911 and change them to “Sharp / Solid.” The easiest way to do that would be to view the 1911 from the front, select the very farthest vertices on each side (one side at a time) and under editing - set solid. Looking forward to more progress pics, keep up the good work!

Problem is fixed!!! I just had to add more geometry, loop cutting etc, then the artefacts dissapper?? Doesn’t blender like lowpoly :stuck_out_tongue: ??


I decided to remodel the gun (again)



This time i used blueprints for reference.

Good to see you are using the Springfield blueprints! A few suggestions about the front of the frame: The trigger guard is actually a contoured as part of the frame and then machined away, so it is absolutely flat on the sides. The rest of the frame follows a flowing, rounded contour.

If you were machining a 1911 frame out of solid metal, you would “Outline” the frame by making the green and blue cuts with a wide, rounded cutter. Then you would switch to a flat bit and cut the sides of the trigger guard down, width wise.

Red indicates and area that has been machined down (Width wise) from the original contour, green indicated an area that keeps the original contour, and blue indicates and area that follows the original contour from the front only (Which is only slightly rounded.) The following picture demonstrates the above. (Hope this helps)

I think if you added more rings at the edges of the suit, it wouldn’t look so much like a baloon.

The problem with subsurfing, to me at least, is trying to get crisp edges. I split a loop (or whatever it’s called - ctrl-R) a few times right at the edge of sleeves so subsurf bowed to my will.

Here i am again.

I’ve been working a lot today, but homework keeps comming :mad:
Anyways updates on the gun:
5346 faces
I think its much nicer now. But im not heading for a detail level like yours pink mesh :p, that would be overkill for a movie!
Beau: Err im not quite sure which edges you are talking about :confused:
next is to make the ejection port.
C&C please :slight_smile:

Anyone willing to answer?

thats much better! the side view looks great, but the front view looks like it needs a little sharpening up.

Errr…what do you mean whith sharpening up? :confused:
If you meen those artefacts, is it because of the reflective material.

well ive notised several mesh deformations due to subsurf or setsmothe

but what i notised is that a part of the actual gun is missing… the part where the bullet shell comes out of, the discharge is missing so that looks kinda weird right now

Hello, sorry for not answering, but im actually getting a lot done in this project, i’ve already made the city, but i have also almost completed the gun…i guess. I’ve also done trousers to the jacket, and shoes.
I think its pretty good now, but any crits or comments will be nice.
I wont be home the next week, just as you know.
With AO:

Without AO:

Hello bjarnskov, wow, you’ve come quite a ways since I last saw it! Keep up the good work. My only crits would be to make the ejection port slightly lower on the right side and clean up the front of the trigger guard a little bit… Other then that, looking forward to more pictures of your progress.