1912 Ford T Roadster


This is 1912 Ford Model T Roadster, 3 passenger, fully equiped!

Original tires were made of natural white latex. But I replaced them for “conventional” black ones. It’s to not disturb much the attention as an alone car here, neither in a scene I’m working on (to be published soon).

The body painting in white is not conventional too, as most of the T models were black!

With this model I think I had enough models to finally finish an airship tower scene already mentioned in my previous post (the one showing the Rolls Royce limousine here).

i find it hard to believe that nobody has commented on this as of yet its very detailed
i love it keep up the good work and please send me some of your talent in the post :wink:

Good luck on texturing and rendering. For a project like this, I would suggest Lux Render.
One thing I would definitely change is the modeled text for the licence. You’ll definitely want this to be texture when you start trying to get realism in your render.

Reminds me of a Henry Ford quote, “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.”

unfortunatly padfoot henry ford never actualy said that its a myth also there was a choice of 2 colors when the model t came out and none of them were black i think the 2 coulors were infact white and grey

honestly look it up

It’s a popular myth, but, Henry never said you could have any colour as long as it was black. Red and grey were used prior to June 1909 - Brewster Green from early 1909 through 1910 - Midnight Blue from 1911 to early 1913 - Black became the ‘standard’ colour from 1913 until 1926. In 1926 there was Channel Green and Windsor Maroon followed later in the year and into 1927 with 9 other colours. The car in the photograph looks to be a 1909 model and as such the red is the correct colour.


He very much did. Here’s a sample from his autobiography.


The Model T may have been made in different colors, but this quote was before the Model T was designed and built.

I like it, very nicely done!!!

Obviously, you have not modeled this without research, but the ‘mother-in-law’ seat stands out to me. Guess I am just used to seeing the rumble seat in the back instead of that one. Since I have proved my lack of knowledge in early model-t’s, don’t think of me as stupid when I ask, didn’t they have wooden spokes on the tires???

Guess I should research it a bit more before asking stupid questions, but that is how one gets sidetracked…

Great Work!!!

I love it! Great job! I will be looking forward to see the scene you are working on.

Yeah i apologise he did write it in his autobiography
but the myth says that when the car first came out henry ford told the press
that the customers can have have it in any color so long as its black which simply isnt true

actualy u may be correct ahhh screw it i cant be botherd lol

Thank you all for the comments!

I was becoming a bit disappointed.

So much work, so many hours and rendering tests: all for nothing?

No, now I’m felling better, and encouraged to proceed…