1920's style space ship

there was a competition going on until today advertised on the blendercookie site and even though i cant enter anymore i thought i would have a go at it
here is my progress so far
all crits welcome!

Reminds me of men in black…that golden tiny ship… that blew up all the planets in the beginning of the movie…

But yeah looks pretty cool…are you texturing it?

I think the competition was extended for 1 month, so you might be able to enter still.

haha thanks ddd… yes i will be giving it 1020’s materials :stuck_out_tongue:
really? ill have a look at that… thanks alltaken

small update. ive finished the modelling for now and i am going to start texturing… here it is so far

materials applied… what do you think?

Not bad, but i dont thing the body (light brown) color looks as realistic as the other colors do.
The black should not be that black make it more gray.

Um are you going for realism or cartoon style or what?

How are the space men supposed to get down from the top? a rope ladder or something? jk but seriously…might want to think about it.

I suggest adding some pipes and grooves on the engine something like this…

Oh and make a better background plz

thanks ddd… ill work on that. its supposed to be right in between realistic and cartoon… (real… with the craziness and the things that are possible in a cartoon) if that makes sense…
well… they get up and down with a tower that it launches from like a modern rocket… i might make that…

Agreed, I’d beef up the piping in the engine section, the one tiny tube going to the exhaust to me doesn’t seem like enough. Also, I’d go with whites and grey instead of that rusty color. Maybe use it as a texture color on top of a base color to show some age or wear. And the landing gear looks like it might snap easy, check out this image of the apollo landers landing gear as an example. Looking good though, keep sharing your progress :slight_smile:

thanks khnum
the colours are ment to be brass and copper because that is the best that they had at the time… im working on the exhaust and the landing gear now though :slight_smile:

It looks like a virus. I thought that a 1920’s spaceship is like those seen in the old Flash Gordon TV series.

It it’s brass and copper, I’d add a lot more reflectivity and maybe add an enviro map so you get some nice reflections. :slight_smile:

Its pretty cool, but it doesnt really look 20s to me.
Maybe make it a bit more steampunk (rivets, pipes) check old diving suits and submarines as reference:




Right now it looks more like flash gordon golden age 50s sci fi.

thanks adam! I was thinking earlier of looking up some pics of those old diving suits but then forgot too :stuck_out_tongue:
heres what i have now and im going to bed now… i will work on that look tomorrow

I c you turened reflection on for your materials, but you need something to reflect to get good reflections, so either put an hdri, or add some stuff to get nice reflections off your model

the materials in general look uncommon for the 20s. use gold, brass, cast iron, steel and rubber. all can be found here:


what compo where? :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: hey ddd do u have a good tutorial for hdri? ive never done it before :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

cool… thanks adam

@zeffii what?

Quick update :slight_smile:

Liking the textures a lot more now!! :slight_smile: Once you get some object or an image to reflect on them it will look even better, and the added bolts really helps sink in the era of the ship. Keep it up, starting to really come together!