1921 Duesenberg G.P

Hi everybody, this looks like a great place to hang out so I am throwing up a render of my current project for my first post.


Welcome to the forums Bad Robot! I’m sure you’ll have a great time here.:smiley: Your current rendering setup kind of obscures the detail, I suggest doing an OpenGL render with a matcap (Properties panel (N) > Shading > Matcap) You might also want to post a wireframe render so you can get some advice on your topology.

Thanks Terrance. Another cycles render with a simple studio environment image for lighting and a wireframe matcap screenshot for now,but I will look into GLSL (I have always used Cycles). I have spent way to much time on this already, it was going to be a simple model so I could create a vintage grand g.p poster style image for the “racing” comp over at Reddit so I am not really worried about geometry as long as it renders ok but I went overboard on details!!