1931 Duesenberg Boattail Speedster

I decided to make this model after I saw this: ( http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?329894-After-a-car-model ) Posted on the thread, but no response. I love old cars so decided to start a new project anyway!

My challenge to myself is to finish this in the next four days. Hope I can do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much done, but I thought I’d put up an update. I see all the incredible car renders around and feel a little inferior. :slight_smile: My deadline to come up with a decent model, no textures is Thursday night. I don’t think I’ll make it but I’ll give it my best shot. Been working about five days now and still learned quite a bit though! Feel free to comment or ask questions! I know it’s not the greatest, I had to retopo the back part to smooth it a little. This is a matcap pic:

Hi! Your model looks pretty decent, i like it a lot. Would love to see the wires!

Thanks Revo! Here. I’m afraid I don’t know yet how to do the cool clay/wire renders that I’ve seen around here.(any hints? any tuts around?) But here’s these:

I’m just getting started on this at 10:45 PM…not a good sign for something that I wanted to finish the modeling on by tomorrow. ugh.

Thanks for sharing, nice wires. I wish I can make my car’s mesh that uniform too. Btw, can u give me a tip, how to turn wires on shaded in viewport? I did some search, but every method i found is either obsolete or simply not working. A bit confusing for a newb like me:) Thanks in advance! And yeah, I’ve checked your Flickr, lotsa great images there, De Soto is incredibly good!

Hi Revo! yeah…since I don’t know how to make a proper clay and wire render yet, I just selected the body of the car, put it into edit mode, (edges) and then clicked the little triangle button on the subsurf modifier:

Then I did an open GL render. I hope this helps! BTW I saw your grass thread…it’s better than mine!

Tonight was my deadline, so I failed…but I did get a lot done and learned a few things. I’ll put more up shortly. I’m not finding a lot of good closeups of this car like I did with the DeSoto.

Thanks mate, you’ve made my day! Now I’ll be finally able to show the wires and ask for some critique and tips on topology! Shame on me i didn’t try to press that button:) As for my grass, yeah it ain’t bad, but I’ll try to improve it some more. I’m glad you liked it!