1932 Ford Highboy Roadster

Hi…this is my second model…this a work in progress…i use Blender internal render and Gimp…i’m planning to create a 1930’s city scene…after this i will do a “pimp my ride”…i will make this into a hotrod…hope you like it :slight_smile:


Amazing! i will be watching this, cant wait to see the pimped version.
welcome to BA!

Hi Nonon, realy nice work there! Keep workgin on a good job!

@ wysiwyg: Thanks…i hope to finish this soon…hehe

@ dkalna: Thank you :slight_smile:

Great model Nonon! This isn’t a big issue, but it almost looks as if the tires are going a little bit throught the floor? Other than that it looks great.

modeling is good, materials are good, the only thing you need to work on is the lighting. You have some weird shadows going on by the rear wheel.

Nonon, welcome! Excellent modeling on the deuce. I particularly appreciate your attention to the details of the car. Well done!

impressive modeling nonon. Can’t wait to see the pimp version.

keep it up!

I love the realistic chrome! It’s a little too noisy for me, personally, but it’s awesome otherwise. I think that the seat looks a little out of place color wise, though. Try using a silver, white, or black “seat.” Still, it’s win!

@ Dudebot13: thanks…i fixed that already…hehe

@ C_sander: thanks for the advice…i’m still working on a good lighting for this scene

@ callmeishmael: Thanks :slight_smile:

@ celestialberry: thanks for the advice…i will try to give this a good coloring…:slight_smile:

this is my progress so far…this will be the final scene all i need to do now is the lighting and the texturing and it’s all done…:slight_smile:


Very nice! I like the camera angle, helps the feel of the image. One thing that catches my eye is the background, do you even have one? It doesn’t look right being all black like that you know?

yup i will put a background…a night sky perhaps…i’m planning to make this a night scene…hopefully i will be finish this weekend so i can post the final render here