1938 Buick Y-Job

hey 3-dimensional dudes,

although this is far from being finished I have to call this
project finished since I got absorbed in a 3D movie project.
however, I didn’t want to keep it back from you guys.
Have fun with the image - you’ll get the basic idea :wink:


p.s.: drop me a short note if you want to see a 1080p version…

Beautiful work. That car looks amazing. My only problem is the prespective (may be something else, not exactly sure) of the car and background seem off to me.

hey chuk,

you’re right! the perspective is a bit off but
I have indeed no time to really correct it :frowning:
however, I am glad that you like the car itself :slight_smile:


Great work on the model, it’s a beautiful car with nice clean lines,I like the colour also.

I agree that it’s not quite 100% matched with the background, I would also say that it seems an awful lot of people are using that particular road image to show off their cars. There isn’t anything wrong with it, I’m just at the stage whenever I see it I to myself ‘oh no not another one’.

Anyways, well done on the car!

funny car, nice work

Good work. The materials look nice, would like to see a larger picture of the rear :slight_smile:

hey seanser,

I know exactly what you mean regarding the background.
It appeas that this is one of the very few FREE hdri backgrounds
with hires backplates one can use at 1080p. thus, people
use it frequently. if you have others let me know! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like the car though :slight_smile:


here you go: http://www.astrokiste.de/REDRUM/finished_backside_03.png
and front too: http://www.astrokiste.de/REDRUM/finished_frontside_03.png

why don’t you do your own hdri?
programm calls Dynamic Photo HDR 4.6 (or later)
Personally I interesting in $ free hdri programm.

hey nikitron,

pretty easy why I don’t:

a) no time for doing it
b) no camera


Check out http://www.openfootage.net/, fantastic resource for free hdr.

yeah seanser,

I know that site very well since years.
but they “only” have hdri images - no hires
backplates. this is why people use the background
so often - it has an hdri and hires backplates.

so, if you have some resources for hdri images
including hires backplates that would be great! :slight_smile:


Nice modelling and rendering! I really like scenes with hdri backgrounds. But I don’t know how I get the best results with that!

At the moment I’m modelling an Audi and only did renders with studio settings. Now after seeing your pictures I tried to do it the same. I took a picture, set it as texture in the world panel, added a plane under my car (only shadows), enabled ambient occlusion and so on. But it doesn’t look as good as your pictures.

Are there any tricks you can give me? Or screenshot of your settings or something? I also don’t use gauss, I use mitchell. That looks better, but not as good as I would like! :frowning: So help!!! :slight_smile:

Hey Tomo83,

well, I did it as follows:

  1. I added an hdri lightprobe image as a world texture
    which gives you a full light and color setup for the
    sky. so no lights are required. the hdri lightprobe is
    quite hires at 11500x5750px and it has an angular
  2. I added a backplate image which is aligned to the
    camera and this is also quite hires like 4000x3000 or so.
    this backplate gives you the background the camera
    actually sees.
  3. I added a shadow only plane for the road which is
    aligned to the camera as well as to the backplate
    (well, at least they should be aligned but it is not
    100% perfect, thus the somewhat odd misalignement
    of the car…)

you can see the hdri lightprobe in the screen shot on the
very right side in the world texture panel. the backplate
is visible in the 3d viewport which is simply the camera
view. the backplate is only a simple plane.

hence, the backplate gives you the background and the
hdri lightporbe gives you the lighting and the reflections.

I hope this helps a bit. If you have further questions just ask :cool:


Hires screen here for some weeks or so.