1938 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

Far from finished. I started this project a while back and when I have time I’ll do a little work on it. There are a lot of place holder meshes that I plan to fix up in the future.


looking good
can you show some of the different parts making up this model!

not certain about the tires threads
is it like the original ones ?

add some colors in cycles should look even better

keep up the good work
happy cl


Here’s some cycles renders I’ve done. The tires at the moment are one of the place holders that I mentioned. I plan to add more detail to them in the future.


there was a few threads on Harley
so have a look and might find some interesting details

have fun
happy bl

Nice job - those are some sweet renders - almost had to do a double take…

Did a little work

Decided to get back to work on my motorcycle project. Here is some Progress on the Engine Block.

OpenGL shots of New Vs Old Model

Right Side

Left Side

Handle Bars



Did some work on the Battery box, oil tank, and oil pump housing.

Looking good - just a small crit about the texture on those parts - its a little too rough, maybe dial it back a bit, but nice modelling.

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Looks sick! keep going !

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Rebuilt the cylinder and head for the rear cylinder. the head was probably the most difficult model I’ve made and I gave up on the quads only modeling that I’ve been sticking to just for that part.

Modeled sparkplugs, and wiring.

One more evening update.

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Modeled the seat. Couldn’t stand the eye sore anymore. But wait there’s more! I added piping and white stitching to the leather upholstery.

Looks Great - those engine parts with all those contours and fins are a b**ch, but you did good.

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nice work my favorite topic

Did a little work to the front end. Fixed the springs and working on the horn and lamp bracket.