1940's Robot. Blender Battles Grudge match.

Work in progress. Main modeling finished, simple AO render.

Slightly more detail to be added to the model before texturing, then a small scene.

Inspired by robots from Sky Captain.

Please click here to view.


Cool… I’ve been trying to model robots for some time now, with a view to animating them. Do you plan to animate this guy? If so, he’ll be quite stiff as there is no way for him to swivel his joints… My guy has similar legs but I’ve given him flexible arms. I’m trying to animate him at the mo but have encountered a problem which I am struggling to get help with.

How come this render looks quite fuzzy? I’ve seen this effect before but don’t really know how to do it. :expressionless:

Nice work sonix. Very 40’s looking for sure.

I agree about the joints though. He will only be able to move back and forth and not turn anywhere.


Good use of AO on that robot, it really does look like the classic rigid robots of yesterday.