1940s style robot, ahh the golden age of comics.

1940s style robot, ahh the golden age of comics.

Hope you like the final!



he’s funny… could we see a render with only one robot?

Smooth modeling and cartoonish look, the glow for the red circles look a little off though.

sure, there’s one right here.


Thanks Kansas, it was difficult to line up the red glow, perhaps I’ll rethink that in the future, however it’s in a blender battles contest so I’m leaving it for now.


looks like sky captain and the world of tommorow!

isnt a film coming out about that?


I REALLY like the arms and head (including that “off” glow") but I cant help but think you were bored of it by the time it came to doing the torso and legs??

I really think the torso needs something. Maybe as simple as using raytracing to get some nice looking reflections in it, or some random photo used as an envmap works a lot of the time as well.

Interesting, actually, I spent a lot of time on the torso, the legs, well yes, those were the least inspiring, however I only had week to do the model (Blender Battles Contest), and we were enduring hurricane Frances at the time.

I’m not sure about the envmap, I did consider mirroring people running, crowds, etc on the chest, sort of a “run in terror” view, but with no internet connectivity at the time I couldn’t get any images that would work.

Perhaps I will explore some other options later…after hurricane Ivan.