1949 De Soto Custom Convertible

First post ever. I started using blender in February and I’m COMPLETELY obsessed. This is what I can do thanks to all the great tuts available online…I’m not great with compositing yet so it’ll look better later. Car needs lots of detail still (wipers, interior, rear lights) My plan is to put the car into a scene based on my dad’s old car-lot/garage in Hampton, Iowa, USA.

This was his favorite car when he was growing up and we’ve worked together on this project. Very sentimental to me.

Can’t say I’m an expert when it comes to blender cars, but to my eyes this is great! Fantastic first post. Out of interest, how did you achieve the background and leaves? Are they modelled or images on planes?

For the backdrop I used a photo of the Hampton courthouse where my dad grew up. The leaves are part of the blender trees that are casting the shadows. (Probably should’ve alpha mapped the trees to throw shadows but I don’t know how yet. Lol)

Impressive work , very nice but slept away render , im glad i found this thread!

This in an interesting car project. I’m not a car modeler, but to my eyes the modeling looks good. I wonder if the tires need some tread, hard from that view to tell.

It looks like to me your going to make your dad proud, I’ll be sure to follow this one.

just … Wouhaaa

Back to work on the car. My dad died June 1, 2013…a day or so after I posted this WIP. He had cancer and it wasn’t unexpected. That’s why I’ve done the car…to give him something to think about that wasn’t death. Greatest man I’ll ever know. Anyway it’s taken some time to get working again. My progress will be slow. I’m still a beginner and it amazes me to see the speed with which the REAL blender artists work. here’s what I’ll start working on tonight.

The license plate has his actual number. I’m going to work on the chrome around that and the brake lights. As I’ve stated before, My mission here is to eventually put the car into it’s original neighborhood at Allen’s One-Stop service in Hampton, Iowa.

I’m working on the tail lights. Nothing spectacular… I’ll add as I go and adjust things here and there. It’s important to note here that I’ve worked entirely with photos and not plans, thus I’ve been making wild errors all along. ugh. Luckily, mistakes can be fixed.

Looks great. Perhaps a little dirt on the tires or so would add to the realism part of it. Otherwise its excellent.

Man, that’s terrible… but, if ever feel sad, remember you’ve got friends here (me at least). Also, everyone works at his own speed, and it surely is good to take it with calm. And really, as for someone who is new here, your work is really amazing… I’m near completing a year of blender and I’m not sure if I could do that… although my pc barely keeping up with a detailed car model might have something to do with it.

So… respect from me.

P.S. I’m not sure but I think the chrome line on the side is a bit misplaced at the back…

You started using Blender in Feb and you already made something this good… you really are good… :))

@impreza09 - I see what you mean about the chrome strip…I’ll look at that tonight when I get a chance!