1950's UFO +.Blend (and good looking grass too)

okay, made a UFO and decided to let you all have a look at it :smiley:

there is no raytracing involved, and it still looks reflective. Take a look at the .blend file to figure out how I did this or just guess and leave a comment below

everything is done in blender, and I just found a good use for blender’s great particle system - grasss…ahh…
I liked how it turned out.

anyways have fun with the .blend!


wc_cow.blend (654 KB)

Lol that is classic! Great work

It would be a background. The cows are too “plastic”. Make them look afraid. I think you should add a visual reference like a fence for the size. Your halo is cool. It should light and colour more the grass though.

Good work!


Very nice. I would have another cow or two still on the ground. Only Crit.

I agree with all the above crits as far as composition (variation in cows, some still on ground looking up, fence or some other object on ground.)

I’d also make the grass shorter. It looks really good but I think that it looks also really deep for the size of the cows.

I really like the feel to this. If you worked on it a bit more, it’d be a 4 or 5 star for me.

Nice simple idea … yeah agree with the above comments … one cow on the ground that are looking at it would be a funny touch.