1957 Chevrolet Apache

Modeled in Blender and rendered in Cycles.
HDRI from hdrlabs.com

Your truck looks awesome, Rance! Incredible work for a first post! The paint, glass, metal and tire shaders all look spot on, and the modelling holds up equally well. The detail in the headlights, as well as the “dirty” part of the tread where the tire meets the road, show your attention to detail. You even have the U-bolts on the axle!

Beautiful work! I’d love to see more images of this truck! What is the name of those tires, by the way? Is it Ground Hawg’s or something?

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The truck looks absolutely incredible! Really fantastic detail!
The low quality HDRI doesn’t do it much justice. You really need to find a much sharper, higher quality background :slight_smile:

The truck looks fantastic! You should add a ground plane thought, so the truck would cast a shadow, and model your own background, because not only the HDRI is low quality, but the perspective doesn’t match, the scale looks off, and for me, it doesn’t make much sense for that truck to be at a harbor. That aside, the truck looks awesome, and the materials look great.

Thanks James! I want to try a studio type render of it and I will post it here when I do. The tires were modeled roughly based on the Denman Ground Hawgs, although I left out a few of the details.

Thanks Magiciandude! I agree this hdri isn’t a great background. I tried running a sharpen filter on it, maybe I just made it worse…lol.

Thanks Isaquel! I hadn’t thought about modelling a background, I will give that a try.

I think this render turned out a little better. The color is a GM factory color offered in 1957. It kinda looks white in the render but is actually a blue called Larkspur.

HDRI from hdrlabs.com
rock texture from cgtextures.com


beautiful renders… I’d love to go to work with that car …

The second render is really nice. Maybe should add just a little shadow underneath the right front wheel.

@ Marcolorenz - Thanks, Idk about using one of these irl as a daily commuter…I think I’d still prefer the soft ride of my Dodge Dakota, plus it has cup holders…lol.

@ Downfall 61 - Yep I think you’re right, it could use stronger shadows overall probably. Thanks for the comment and tip.

1957 was I think the first year Chevrolet had a 4x4 option on its trucks (GMC had the option in 1956). Before that NAPCO was doing modifications for GM, which were simple but very pricey.

Cool ride, your model does it justice!

I didn’t even know that GM made any of these with 4 wheel drive. The 4x4’s I’ve seen were conversions where they put them on Blazer frames. That’s why my model has Blazer bumpers, mirrors and seats as well as the Dana 44. Good info. Thanks for the comment, glad that you like the model.


The second one is better but the background still having less pixels than the truck. I could like to be in the second picture, it looks like adventure.

The truck itself is fantastic. I’m a huge classic chevy fan and my daily driver is an '86 K10, so seeing this post made me happy. The only complaint I have is the backgrounds. Without proper shadows it looks awkward, but the texture and model work on the truck itself is excellent. Any chance you could do any clay or wireframe renders? I’d be interested to see those. Anyways, fantastic work!

@ MortezaT.19 - Thanks, much appreciated.

@Juanrav - Thanks, I agree that the second environment is more suitable for the truck. I figured it looks like he went fishing.

@ Psman012 - I haven’t done any clay renders and I don’t know how to do a wire frame render but here is a screen capture of the wires. Thanks for the comment!

wow!!! first I’m seeing of this… Great Job man!!!

I really like it, especially second render looks perfect.

Thanks Norvman!

Thank you Elhzar