1958 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside Truck

I created a model of a vintage GM truck, using reference of a rusted out Apache that was parked in my neighborhood for years. The 1958-59 models were part of the Chevrolet ‘Task Force’ line of trucks, and the last revision of the line. This is the second larger project I have done in Blender, and the first time in a long time I have made something not for realtime use. I am enjoying working in blender a great deal, especially for modeling, and also the cycles renderer. I had to build a bit more interior than I was anticipating, as I decided the cheating with tinted windows on a 50s era car would look too ‘weird’. I used a lot of workflow techniques covered by Chris Plush at https://cgmasters.net/.

More images and wireframe on Artstation. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k4n2zA I have been working in 3d for a long time, but still very new with Blender. I would love to get some feedback.


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