1960s living room

I wanted to do something different than the modern white minimalist interiors
and got inspired by the tv show American Horror Story which takes place in the 1960s.
So I modeled the living room of Dr. Thredson aka Bloody Face (sorry for the spoiler :)).
I changed just some details e.g. the ceiling lamp and the items on the shelfs.

Worked on this nearly 4 month mostly in the evening and night hours.

All objects are modeled by myself and the textures are from www.cgtextures.com.
Rendered with cycles (2000 samples) and some compositing in Blender to reduce noise and some color correction.
Also some post processing in Photoshop to give it the look of an old picture.

critique and suggestions are welcome :smiley:

As a fan of the show, I gotta say well done! I’d say you’re done. I had to examine the image for several minutes to find anything to critique. One thing that hints at CG is the repeated texture on the cross beams on the ceiling. The chair and couch edges might be a little too crisp for fabric. Not something I would notice without looking for it. Great model and render!

Very nice:D but you have done one mistake the texture on the first wood beam is the same as the second , maybe it is barely noticeable but this can make the difference between a real image and a render. Try to rotate the beam.(sorry for my bad english if it is the case:().

nice image.captures the period look.lighting is realistic and subtle.

thanks guys :slight_smile:
damn … totally forgot to check the beams :spin: