1966 King of the Hammers Ford Bronco


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Hi all!
I absolutely love the race “King of the Hammers” I have never been there, but I love watching it online. So what did I decide to do? I decided to make my own dream King of the Hammers rig.
I figured out 3D modelling it is way cheaper then building it in real life :wink:

Besides, I need a break from all of my professional work.

So my goal is to make this thing as realistic as possible with a background of an old abandoned desert town.

Crit is greatly appreciated!


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That’s some sexy modeling. Looking forward to seeing it completed.


I put a ton more time into the Bronco, mainly focusing on the materials. I figured out a new way to make realistic rubber and I improved my car paint shader. Let me know what you all think of it!


Really nice little country ride! Modeling is top notch as what I can see. I’'ll be watching how it comes together.
And that’s true. You can always model that you can’t or don’t have the time to build…But I’m afraid it’s the next step when you have time for it. :smiley:

Your progress is looking very good, ferrettank. It’s refreshing to see an off-road vehicle being modeled, instead of another sports car (I say that, and yet my own current WIP is another sports car thread!). Your body and tires look great, as do the rubber and paint shaders. I really like the colors in the presentation of the tire in the original post. What kind of tire is that? It looks like a cross between a bogger and a super swamper.

Very nice work so far, I’m looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks! Yes the Broncos look like so much fun to off road with! Yes, modeling is the easy way out to biuld a real dream rig. Actually right now I am rebuilding a 1981 Toyota Hilux. It was my dad’s in high school

Thank you! Haha, I love sports cars too so I might fall into the whole “Sports car in Blender” scene soon haha. Although I am a big off road geek. I love it all, rock crawling, baja, rally racing etc… so naturally this would be the car to go with. Also I’ll go check out your thread :slight_smile:
As far as the shaders go, yes that means a lot, I’ve been putting a TON of timing into getting the shaders right.
I remember a long time ago one of my 3D friends said “You can have a crappy model and good shaders and it will look good. But if you have a well done model and crappy shaders, well, it will look like crap.”

Also the tires are modeled after the “BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX” Although they do have a super swamper feel to them.

Here is the latest render, I added some more materials and I spent some more time tuning the car paint shader.

I am having a problem with the head light material. It is way too dark. So that will be something I need to work on.

Someone on a different forum wanted to know how I did the pink and blue render of the bronco. So I thought people here might want to know too :slight_smile:

Anyways, here is the render setup. I wanted to do something different, especially since the rest of my WIP renders have a simple lighting set up, well actually this one is very simple too. It is a light blue lamp with a red lamp next to it, from there it is tuning the intensities to get the desired effect.

By the way, the material for the full bronco is a diffuse white.

I present to you, PROGRESS. Prepare to have your eyes blown. By prepare, you probably need clean up supplies, a medic on speed dial, you know, the usual. Anyways:


Your suspension and axle looks great, ferrettank! I was just thinking about this project a few days ago, glad to see you’re still at it!

All the hardware looks very clean and detailed, with nice edges. Will the rear axle use the same suspension setup?

Thanks, I’m glad this project is still floating around in your head! Yeah, I’ve been knocking away at the details slowly. My professional stuff is taking up most of my time now.

and yes, I might do some more travel but for the most part they should be the same. I might do a 4 link front and back, but I am not sure yet. It’s all up in the air :).

I also need to get a render of the interior too. I’ve spent to much time on that!

This looks like a fun project! I like the 66 Bronco and you’re doing a great job modelling it. Looking forward to seeing more of this!

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, it is extremely fun, I feel like I am building up a real one in my own back yard haha!

Also Some new renders! Hot off the CPU, well kind of, it’s been a few hours.

Oh! Really nice! Really like the colors you use in these WIP-renders. Something a bit different as the final render’s going to be more realistic. Good progress.

Thank you! Yes, I love experimenting with different render techniques and colors. I like making my WIP a bit “different” then the rest of them. Heck maybe the finished render will be crazy too. Never know :stuck_out_tongue:

Your modelling is really good, but what really brings this model to life is the materials. The one that caught my eye was your rubber shader (probably because of how prominent the Bronco’s tires are). It really is a very good shader, keep it up :smiley:

Thank you! I remember talking to this Professional 3D artist guy and he said" You can have a good model, but crap shaders and everything will look like crap. If you have a bad model but with good shaders, it will look decent. So focus on the materials" and he is right. The shaders are everything :D, also focus on lighting setups, that makes a HUGE difference as well.

It’s been forever since I’ve updated this thread. Gah, brings back memories :wink:

Anyways, new render!

Post up what you think, or if you have ANY ideas, please let me know!


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It looks great but You need to do rods and stabilizer which keep front axle in one position. Also You need to do reduction gearbox (I don’t know properly english name) where energy from the engine is distributed to the front and rear axles.

Ah thank you for bringing them up :slight_smile:
Yep, it still needs the axle linkages and the transfer case. You know, I totally spaced adding the steering stabilizer as well :open_mouth:

*Just passing by to let you know your modelling is epic.