1967 Pontiac GTO, finished!

this has been a work in progress and now i lost interest in it, but i did get the prints that i needed from it. some day i may create a background for it if i feel like it, but for now its done! http://www.angelfire.com/pa5/pontiac/gtofp.html

WOW!!! :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o I am a fan of everybody that make good looking car!!! just because I am not able to make car like that…is that your first car because if it is you are very good! I hope I will be as good as you SOON! will you make an interior?

no this is actually my third car, i did and impreza, the hot rod, and now this gto. :smiley: and i am looking for blueprints to make another car, don’t know what it will be yet :wink: and if i do make an interior it will not be until i make a nice background because it just didn’t look right with the windows clear and nothing to show behind them

That is one looking sweet car
You sure have advanced since your first car
joy now i just need to get better. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey good job man!
it’s looking grand!

the metal looks like it might be a tad overchromed and maybe
some areas need some smoothing but it’s very hot! keep up the awesome work!


Amazing work, can’t wait to see more in the future :smiley:

excellent modelling!the chrome is a bit bright but overall it looks good.
nice job!


That belongs on a calendar.

that is very very very nice :o …that shadow is too cool =) your silver borders are a bit wobbly and odd though =o\

some day i may create a background for it if

please! add a scene now! u have to! =( everything looks 100% better when a scene is added :frowning:
what are u waiting for, get to work!
dont get lazy on us, the result will be alot better :wink:


Looks great, I like the red on black design! For some strange reason I had the urge to rotate the car with the middle mouse button, it didn’t work, weird… :wink:

If you want an idea for another car try modelling the supra of “The fast and the furious”. I saw a blueprint of it on http://www.suurland.com

the silver borders? i guess you are talking about the wheel opening moldings, and actually they are shaped very odd, they are not a perfect half circle, and they curve in sharply at the bottom, as for the back ground goes i may start working on something today, i just needed a little inspiration :wink: ill also tone the chrome down a little.

Very, very well done!! But how do you see through those windows? Instrument flight rules, right? :slight_smile: