1967 Pontiac GTO, finished!

(scrappy) #1

this has been a work in progress and now i lost interest in it, but i did get the prints that i needed from it. some day i may create a background for it if i feel like it, but for now its done! http://www.angelfire.com/pa5/pontiac/gtofp.html

(Ecks) #2

WOW!!! :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o I am a fan of everybody that make good looking car!!! just because I am not able to make car like that…is that your first car because if it is you are very good! I hope I will be as good as you SOON! will you make an interior?

(scrappy) #3

no this is actually my third car, i did and impreza, the hot rod, and now this gto. :smiley: and i am looking for blueprints to make another car, don’t know what it will be yet :wink: and if i do make an interior it will not be until i make a nice background because it just didn’t look right with the windows clear and nothing to show behind them

(rogerm3d) #4

That is one looking sweet car
You sure have advanced since your first car
joy now i just need to get better. :stuck_out_tongue:

(dickie) #5

hey good job man!
it’s looking grand!

the metal looks like it might be a tad overchromed and maybe
some areas need some smoothing but it’s very hot! keep up the awesome work!


(Dianoga) #6

Amazing work, can’t wait to see more in the future :smiley:

(rixtr66) #7

excellent modelling!the chrome is a bit bright but overall it looks good.
nice job!


(ectizen) #8

That belongs on a calendar.

(blengine) #9

that is very very very nice :o …that shadow is too cool =) your silver borders are a bit wobbly and odd though =o\

some day i may create a background for it if

please! add a scene now! u have to! =( everything looks 100% better when a scene is added :frowning:
what are u waiting for, get to work!
dont get lazy on us, the result will be alot better :wink:


(eeshlo) #10

Looks great, I like the red on black design! For some strange reason I had the urge to rotate the car with the middle mouse button, it didn’t work, weird… :wink:

(Ecks) #11

If you want an idea for another car try modelling the supra of “The fast and the furious”. I saw a blueprint of it on http://www.suurland.com

(scrappy) #12

the silver borders? i guess you are talking about the wheel opening moldings, and actually they are shaped very odd, they are not a perfect half circle, and they curve in sharply at the bottom, as for the back ground goes i may start working on something today, i just needed a little inspiration :wink: ill also tone the chrome down a little.

(CurtisS) #13

Very, very well done!! But how do you see through those windows? Instrument flight rules, right? :slight_smile: