1967 pontiac GTO, WIP, background started

(scrappy) #1

a friend of mine has one of these and it is absolutly beautiful, so i decided to make one, but couldn’t find bp’s, so i made my own :wink: the car will be black, its only red so i can see the flaws. <<<use newest URL>>>

(Da Bourz) #2

Great work !
Specially for re-creating the BP’s !! :wink: I think it would be a good idea the you’ll share them once you’ve finished the model …

(scrappy) #3

i do plan on sharing the bp’s, ill probably put them on www.suurland.com but unless u really know the curves of a 67 gto, it will be very hard to make :wink:

(ZoltarX) #4

Really nice clean work! :smiley:

I am at about the same stage with a Toyata Supra and I am just starting to discover how much time and effort goes into something like this. :-?

Are you using subsurfs?
Can you show us a wire-frame view of this?


(scrappy) #5

i added a wire frame rendering, with a subsurf with subdiv at 1, i rendered the solid with subdiv at 4, the model is a pretty simple low poly, i just start with the door creating the profile curve and extrude :wink:

(scrappy) #6

here is an updated view with the roof and some of the chorme moldings added http://www.angelfire.com/pa5/pontiac/gtowip_2.html and the molding do not have a chrome texture applied yet, just so you know.

(blengine) #7

oh fer the love of pete! compress those pictures! sheesh… whew…just went threw 8 full minuites of loading…8 minutes of my life gone! and i want them back now!
its looking beautiful your car model… im anxious to see it done and please…please please please please make a full scene for it =) alot of people like to quit after making a hard car and just add a floor…but a scene makes the car look so many times better :wink: just a suggestion… im seeing no flaws(except file size and type) so far on your model, great job =D

(BgDM) #8

That is absolutley beautiful work scrappy! I love the GTO. One of my all time fave cars, (for being a GM product no less :wink: ).

As imgranpaboy said, definitely put it into a scene. I am still trying to get my textures done on my jag, but I will be making a track and doing the grass, etc. Just gives it that extra touch that makes a good image into a great image.

Keep us updated.


(rixtr66) #9

the body contours are excellent,this is going to be a beautifull model.
keep it coming,and definately add a scene,i cant wait to see this finished.


(shibbydude) #10

Very nice work. I like you modeling skills. I really have no crits, just wanted to make you feel good about yourself! Your blueprints look excellent and I can’t wait to see it finished with windows and that nice asphalt texture you pointed me to.

(scrappy) #11

my ideas as far as the background goes, will be an old style gas station, or a barn

(scrappy) #12

ok, the body (sheet metal) is done, now im working on all of the chrome. once the chrome is done ill do the windows and interior http://www.angelfire.com/pa5/pontiac/gtowip_4.html and i actually got a decent looking shine to the car, its just a sky image with the mapping set to “ref”. i believe imagrandpaboy showed me that trick :wink:

(scrappy) #13

wow, this thing feels like it’ll never get done, i worked on it for hours today, and the only thing i got done was the chrome pieces http://www.angelfire.com/pa5/pontiac/gtowip_5.html it will have clear windows when the interior is finished, but for now im being lazy :wink: and i just realized that i didn’t put the emblem on the rear quarter panels yet…oops!!

(BgDM) #14

wow, this thing feels like it’ll never get done

Welcome to the world of modeling a car :wink: I have been painting textures for my Jaguar GT car for 2 weeks now. No where near being done. So I know the feeling.

Anyway, this is coming along great. It’s even better than your coupe. Just keep on pluggin along and you will get there. One thing that I have learned, don’t worry about texturing anything until you get the model done. That might make things a little easier for you.


(rixtr66) #15

very tight modelling!!texturing once in a while is a good thing actually,
it helps show flaws and dents that dont show up until later.
i feel your pain :wink: cars can be very frustrating,try getting the headlight
of a 66 jag to come out right with the body curves,aaaaarrrrgh.
excellent job,looks like your gonna keep me on my toes :o


(S68) #16

Hohoho, really nice!

/me too loves starting to make materials and textures befor having finished the model…


(ndnchief) #17

Scrappy, All I got to say is WOW! Super great modeling, very clean lines.
The chrome looks great too! It all looks Awsome. I continually am awe struck by alot of you artists and your work. I hope you are feeling proud of that, as well you should, that is one Fine piece of metal. I am really impressed (and a bit envious). May I ask one question?

  1. Approximately how many hours so far have you put in on your car?

NDNChief, still a NOOB, UGH!!!

P.S. Viewing Art like yours really inspires and motivates me to keep on trying to tame this beast we all know as Blender3D…

(scrappy) #18

i would say i have about 20 hours so far, and i just can’t help myself, i have to start texturing before the model is done :wink:

(CAVZ24) #19



(scrappy) #20

ok this is a quick “unfinished project” render that i made just so i can get a nice print of the car, it took about 45 miniuts to render at 1600 x 1200, its because i used the GI tutorial by Tommy5 to get some decent lighting :wink: if anyone has a better way of lighting that cuts down the render time, please share , i then took the image in photoshop and made it smaller 800x600 and 150 ppi. backgrounds are not my thing, personaly i thing this background sucks, its the second picture down on this page, if you have a slower connection you are warned :smiley: http://www.angelfire.com/pa5/pontiac/gtowip_6.html