1968 Ford Mustang

Hey all,

Some of you may remember seeing my original beginning of this model. I have decided to get it finished. Though I still have a long ways to go, I think it’s coming along nicely.

1968 Mustang

Comments welcome,
Brian J

Hi Brian J, nice model. I like how you did the reflections and the pic is just sweet. Was that rendered using the default blender scanline?

I love classic cars. :smiley:

Thanks, glad you like it. The entire pic was rendered in Blender. I used a black and white photo of a window for the reflections, only temp untill I get a scene around it.

Brian J

Hey Brian!

nice model, I really like the crease and details.

Are you going to make an animation with it? (with burning rubber and all)



Very impressive picture, only real thing that I noticed was that the tires are too small, making too large of a gap.


Awsome pic. Is this a modern customized or original stock mustang?


man, looking good, older muscle cars are a pain to model, sooo many body lines, so im guessing ur having fun with this one :wink:

You must be one of those “tuner” freaks - that’s how they really look stock…

Thanks for the comments everybody. I will be doing an animation but, it’ll be more of a tour of the car inside and out. Showing all the detais I will be adding elswhere.

It will also be basically stock with a few exceptions, minor interior changes, built up engine, tires and paint job (all the things I wanted to change on my '68 mustang I sold 5 years ago <sniff>)

Thanks for the save cohort, yes valarking, the tires are the right size. Once I get the fender wells modeled the gaps you see won’t look so obvious. I did the initial profile from a side picture of the actual car, so the scale on everything is pretty darn close.

Thanks again,
Brian J