1970's British Semi

This is my first 3D project, a model of my house. Mainly done for fun but I think having the model will come in useful when planning future DIY projects! :smiley: Everything except the sofa and all the plants were modelled by me.

I posted some WIP renders and the reference image here:


I am pretty happy with it, although got to the stage where I wanted to stop and work on something else so some things I could improve on, for example I think the plants are poor, far too green and generally the colour scheme is a bit all over the place. This exercise has really opened my eyes when it comes to texturing and lighting, it isn’t easy!

Comments welcome! :smiley:


Very good first model. I like it.
I could recommend a bit of bump mapping on the walls though. They are currently a bit flat.
Other than that, perfect.

While I always love encouragement I don’t think saying this image is perfect is being truthful…
You can improve your render in a few ways:
I don’t think ambient occlusion is enabled which can be found under the materials -> worlds button. This can significantly improve render quality.
Also, a lot of the lights have raytraced shadows turned off. Maybe you turned them off to decrease render time?
Finally, take a look at some grass tutorials that use blender’s particle system, it is very easy to use.

Keep up the work, this is definitely better then my early stuff.

Thanks for the comments. Don’t worry, I am under no illusions about the fact that this is far from perfect! I will look into doing particle grass, and yeah, did a render without AO, will definitely redo at some stage with AO added and raytraced shadows too.

More importantly I need to remember to save, lost a lot of stuff after the last render when I forgot!

The modeling is good; textures don’t fit well together though.