1971 honda cb350

I just started working on this the other day. its a custom bike made from a 71 cb350 by Ellaspede cycles. I dont know much about engines, so modelling the cb350’s engine has been a challenge so far. Advice on modelling engines/motorcycles is welcome. My goal for this project is realism

heres the bike: http://www.ellaspede.com/bikes/hb001-1971-honda-cb350/

looks like a robot a little


Its looking really good so far. Nice and clean by the looks of it.

You should start blocking out your basic shapes of the other parts to make sure everything fits and is to scale.

Looking good!

Its been a little while since I’ve posted something on here- this is where Im at right now


heres where Im at. I still have a lot more pieces to model but I’m losing momentum on this project. Kind of getting bored of it, really.


Very nice model. Also the rendering. Did you used cycles or blender internal?

sweet!!! id love to watch a tutorial on your modeling techniques

very nice! the close-up looks great.

Thanks for the positive comments guys. I used the internal render. I don’t have much experience with cycles but I’d like to learn how to use it. Also, I would like to use an environment map to make the reflections on the chrome and the tank more realistic. does anyone know a good tutorial or link?

Looks great!

Are you going to do tire tread? I think that would add a lot to it at this current stage.

good suggestion with the tire treads


trying some different lighting setups


alright so i spent some time with environment maps and depth of field and heres what I came up with. tell me what you think


i guess i went a little too heavy on the blur