1971 Honda CB350

Ive been losing momentum on this project for a while now, heres where I’m at

Your model looks good, however, you are not showing it off at its best. It’s way too clean - maybe you could texture it to add some scratches + maybe some leather material on the seat? Also, there are no shadows on the ground so it looks a bit like it is floating.

Looks good, but the biggest issue for me is no tread on the tyres; shadows would help for sure.

You’re right. treads helped out a lot. what do you suggest i do for shadows?


Use a plane at a slight angle; try low strength and increase a little at a time.

Remember changing size is the same as adjusting strength.

the modeling looks solid to me but i agree that it could be textured better. Try a different setting; maybe outdoors on a road with some grass and a nice HDR image for reflections.

I added some HDR reflections and it looks much better to me


Buz I didn’t see your comment before - you are right the seat definitely needs some sort of leather texture