1978 Mustang Cobra [56k]

I am starting my fist blender project in a while and a first in creating a car in blender. It is a 1978 Mustang Cobra, if I am wrong on the name and date please correct me as I just took the pics I took and matched them up to one I found on google. I will post some of the reference pics as well as what I have done so far. Any C&C would be greatly appreciated as this is my first car and would like it to turn out ok looking :yes:

This might Help you :yes:
It’s a litle bit older then yours, do… and It’s not Cobra, and not even very similar… Why the Eack I posted this!? :stuck_out_tongue:

looks good tho, might be able to use it, will have to overlay it with what i have done so far and see how well it fits.