1984 Trailer

For my sophomore literature class (I’m fifteen) I was to create a trailer for the book 1984. This is the first live-action I’ve ever done, so it was definitely a new thing for me. Although I use After Effects a bit, I used Blender and GIMP for most of the effects. The entire trailer was created in two weeks.


  • Jordan “Leo” Harris

looks great!
i wondered if you took all the photos yourself and if so, where? :slight_smile:


Amazing work. You’ve got some potential my friend.

That was very very professional work, If it had been on t.v. I would have thought that was made in a hollywood studio.

Nice job! Liked some parts of it very much.

Indeed well done

I really like it. The train scene was one of my favorites.

my only crits -

The cage scene when the bars went across, I think you should have blurred the person a bit and made the bars focused. That’s my opinion about the scene.

As for the text, I know it was supposed to black, but with black text and most of the background being black was kind of an awkward contrast.

Otherwise wonderful work!

Hey. That’s pretty good for only being 15. The effects were pretty cheasy. Better than most of the fifteen year old’s in my video class though.

great men!

You terrific 1984 trailer aside, I think more than ever, people of all ages should view this film just to be mindful of what could become of our countries in the future—if the wrong set of individuals take the reign of power.

In the U.S. last week, the G20 met in Pittsburgh, PA, and a good portion of the city was on lock down with a police force(s) that were practically militarized. There was no right to assemble. It was practically a Constitution-free zone. Many innocent college students who were not part of the protests were caught up in the riot and beaten by police.

You see, when you dare to protest the transnational banking oligarchy—you’re swiftly reminded of who is really in control of both political parties here. The most frightening aspect of last week, is the notion that corporate mainstream media had a total blackout on these events.

So kudos for your trailer…great from a technical\artistic standpoint and very relevant for current events.

Great work, made for a compelling trailer.
I want to criticise, that the speed of sound seems near infinite, but this is the movies!