1985: Dystopia Simulator needs minimalist environments and 2d art

Have you ever dreamed of life in a totalitarian surveillance state? Do you like listening to propaganda? Have you ever found yourself reporting your neighbor for suspicious activities?

Well then comrade, let me tell you about this project of ours!

Project Dystopia aims to create an “Orwellian social survival game” set in a girtty, dark city of steel, glass and concrete. First person, multiplayer, small open world (1 sqm) consisting of a handful of locations lined by narrow pathways.
The environments would be brutalist/modernist/industrial in style and would require minimal detail. Looking for environment artists/level designers of all skill levels.

Some other info:

  • The project has a budget of 0$.
  • No deadlines.
  • We can provide concept art.

Note: If you lack the skills for the role (3d artist, level designer), we are willing to tutor you live (through discord) until reach the level needed to work on our project (which is not very high).


Anyone interested please add me on discord for further details: