1993 (pre-face lift) Porsche 911 (993)

Started this car in my junk thread, but I felt that this car deserved it’s own thread, since I was working on it quite a lot.
(Earlier model screens can be found here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?436463-Multiple-models-and-projects-of-pointlessness-(or-maybe-not)

Lighter colour

Nice work! Can you post pictures of the reference images you used? It seems to me the angle from the front up to the engine hood could be a bit off.

This is what I used.

A lot of little details and touch-ups

Starting to make finishing touches to the exterior.

Coming close to the end now.
A little bit of modelling and a lot of texturing.

See you guys on sunday!

car paint looks very matte, is that typical for the model? i would have assumed more glossy. nice modelling

Filling holes and adding details to the headlamps.

The rendering in turquoise looks really nice. I think the rims need much more dimension. On the real ones the points of the star are inset quite a bit. The rims look almost mapped at the moment.

Finished the headlamps (adjustment is needed at some point) and added textures to the clear plastics.


I dunno, I feel like I’m finished with this… I dunno…

Just a few renders