1998 Lotus Elise WIP

Those of you in #blenderchat have probably seen my car WIP a billion itmes now, cause i always post a link in there for some weird reason. But for those who havnt, or wanna see it again below is a URL to it.


Comments please – it should be done in a week or two…maybe three if i get real perfectistic.


Farrell Farahbod / upgrdman

P.S. I know that I rounded the back wheel thiggy, and the not the one for the front wheel. I will…and I will smooth the edges of the light sockets too like i did for the dumper sockets and grill openings etc.

looks awesome although there are some nasty bumps in the front end around the lights and quarter panel.

can’t wait to see it welded up!

That looks frickin beautiful! Awesome modelling job.

There are some wierd things going on around the headlights, but I think once you get that area more complete it will look OK.

Can’t wait to see more of this. Go to my website and look at the Jaguar GT car that I did. Still need to texture it though.


thanks guys for the comments. i wish i had more than two replys…but o well. im still happy. my car should be finished in a week or two…and i will post it in the completed art forum. i also intend to model a fighter jet soon (start about a coupple days after i finish the car…and maybe 2-3 weeks to model it depending on how hard it is/ how hard i make it by using the wrong methods! :wink: )

as for the ‘serious’ bumps where the lights will be…

if youre refering to the ones above the lights…its part of the car. its supposed to be like an extension of the oval lights in the car. see the following photo:


i need to work on making them more obvious as they kinda looks like dents right now! :wink:

if you were refering to the little (maybe big to the perfectionistic eye?) dents just below the light sockets…i know. i need ot fix those. should be very easy to do…will definitly be fixed before my model is completed.

and lastly…

bgdm: great gallery going. i need to start one up. i would have sooner, but my only work is a unfinished, and most likly will-never-finsih motorcycle. (it was flawed from the start…i might make a new one tho from scratch later on in 2003) and my current WIP 98 elise.

if ya wanna see the motorcycle:



farrell f. / upgrdman

Looks nice. Also looks like the car unlike the version I made kinda based off of the motorsport version. :wink: Looks really nice so far. Cant wait to see a final render of it.
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice car, can’t wait till it is finished.

great job modeling. I have yet to build a car. I guess because I know that it is very time consuming. my hat is off to you. This one will be sweet when finished i’m sure.