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Да я уже потом понял по ветке, прошу прощения, просто тут интерфэйс какой-то у сайта не однозначный пёстрый, я ветку увидел, только после того как написал. Жаль, что так. Не понял правда почему, верней слэнг не пойму, что такое “брильянтовый блендер”, так и не понял, может позже…))

A new release - Xray++ addon for checking thin wall thickness, that was used in
Palmyra reconstruction project.

Addon’s page:


Updating Xray++ addon.
Now it has an object picker for emitter object, and active object’s self-check mode if emitter is not set, similar to Blender’s default mesh analysis.

Also, vertex coloring mode, which produces smooth result.


Test scene and file

AM Xray++ test scene.blend (3.4 MB)

Addon’s download link is the same


hello please can you update the 1d scripts addon to +2.9 version? thanks in advance

It is expensive, so we will do this when all critical 2.8+ design issues will be fixed.

hmmm i dont think so, its not that hard to port the addon, you just need to change the api …

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What a huge disrespect for 1D_inc investment and work shared for free to anyone !
Maybe you should try by yourself then, if things like change to the api are so simple / affordable for you, you’ll probably quickly change your minds.


hahaha i didnt meant that :sweat_smile: :rofl:


What final Blender version does 1d_scripts and F2 work together in? 2.77?

Well, 1D_Scripts is not a tool, it is one of several toolsets we produce to compensate critical needs to stay on the marker, so everything should be tested properly, especially if to take into account changed paradigms of some tools.
At the moment we don’t see a reason to switch our company to software, which have a lot of basic usability problem, such as broken selection display.
It don’t pass our workflow tests.

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2.79b version, the latest stable.

At the moment we are developing AM_1D_Tools, and it is already bigger than 1D_Scripts, but is not public.

any script is a tool no matter how is arranged in a pipeline :grin:

well if you think that is critical our needs as customers then that’s a more reason why your team should give it an update to 2.9, people are no longer using 2.79b for modelling and such, of course some people still does because they dont have an appropriate updated or new hardware unfortunately for using 2.8 (you greatly require a minimum GPU for working well in blender 2.8 mostly in the viewport for example, and for using the eevee engine and stuff, but still can be used without gpu, but is a pain in the ass the slowness of the viewport, and graphic bugs without opengl 3.3)…

also i think your addon is more centralized in cad which actually not just cad style modelling that can be used for, is also hard surface modelling for what is it for in the other hand…anyway there is people going oe developing add-ons similar like this, but i am not sure if they are better and more complete for compete with this one…

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‘Customer’ implies you paid. Did you?


not yet at the moment…

that’s great to hear… Any timeline as to when it might be released?

Last question, how can I achieve the Spread Loop = shift + q process in 2.9 using standard tools available right now? I’m a noob in blender, trying to do scroll modeling

We are still trying to get proper viewport selection display in order to start use it for modeling.
At the moment 2.8 object/mesh selection design is harmful.
There also was a lot of the same issues at the same basic level, such as broken vertices selection or face direction display, which makes software barely usable for us at the scale of our projects.
So we are getting those issues fixed, but, unfortunately, it takes years.

That’s the point. During 1D_Scripts design we tried to design a solutions to the most annoying problems, however, during 2.8 design we’ve got more problems instead of solutions.
So we updated F2 addon and now trying to fix basic usability issues and participate Collection Manager addon development to compensate all the issues behind collection management to make Blender compatible with complex production.
So all we have is hope that someday he will be ready. After that we will be able to start moving to it our addon’s list.


Will the package be compatible with version 2.9+?
Script “Spread Loop” seems to be especially useful.

Hello. I answered this question in a post preceding yours.

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Indeed, I didn’t notice :slight_smile: