1D_Scripts, Bargool_1D_tools [main thread]

Yeahh i understand ! :wink:
i was to re-order … and in fact to learn a bit more of your crazy useful add-ons … . then to better use them in a logic way (as you had in many parts ! of course ) .
then as i said i did , i’ve done ( well in some time about minutes becoming hours ! :wink: to re-order understand what add-on does ! :wink: ) …

and to find some VERY useful ! thank you for sharing as they give time in workflow !

Short demo of Get Orientation function, that creates/rewrites temporal UCS on face/edge or transformed object.


NP_scripts ZZ move
After ZZ move operation a translated object become NOT active (it is only selected). It is quite inconvenient, you have to click on the object again if you want to enter edit mode etc.

And not to forget to mention it is an awesome tool, I use it daily, It should be in blender trunk.


This is because of snap hack method - it creates/reuses empty mesh basepoint to snap, so it became active at operation launch.
ZZ move is temporal function, we are waiting for pure realization, described in this topic.

Glad to hear. I don´t know why was precision snapping overlooked for so long time by devs, it is an essential tool. Never mind now, ZZ move fills the gap.

Hello, thanks for sharing.
and I don’t want to bother you with trifle things
but here is the problems with 1d_scripts addons,
the other addons you shared seem perfectly working, but when I tried to find '1D_scripts addons ’ in the user interface menu; for activating it, it does not appear in the menu.
I repeated the same process all over again several times…
but it still does not show up.

so, I checked the window console and it says ’ fake_module: addon missing ‘b1_info’ gives vad performance!’’

this is the image
blender version 2.79

thank you.

in case if there is anyone who would have this problem,

I didn’t ‘save as link’ just click and go to the code and copy the whole code then paste it to the notepad(windows) then saved it as 1D_Scripts.py file, and…finally, it worked.

anyway, ! I can wait to try this. thank you :slight_smile:

Wondering if 2.8 version is in the works :smiley:


Yes, I’d like to have a go at this in Blender 2.8 too.


Me too, really looking foward to see 1D_Scripts over to 2.8.


Well, here are some problems about 2.8
It took much time and funds to build it for 2.7x, also I became diamond blenderfund supporter, so all funds are going to make 2.8 stable, and nothing is left for porting 1D_Scripts.

We are working on it

There is also no point in even starting to port before the official 2.8 release.

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NanoCAD 5.0 supports lisp so your script should work. Have you tried?

also I became diamond blenderfund supporter

may be better for some time (while you port scripts) cancel this “diamond blenderfund supporter” because blender 2.8 will have musch more with yours 1D scripts in 2.8 than without it …

It had one of the worst lisp support from all intellicad family.
I wrote special version for it a long time ago, and don’t want to come back to it.

There should be a better way

I have been using draftsight to do 3d dwg -> 3d dxf convertion, but DS isn’t free anymore after december 2019. No free solution seems available afterwards.

What about ODA Drawings Explorer? I have done several conversions succesfully, it is not an editing tool though, just view & convert.

then make a campaign like they for example may be community cover your funds - and you faster port your 1D scripts…

1D_ Scripts were designed as collection of concepts of tools, that can increase Blender usability, and it was made to 2.8 development, to help devs to avoid previous mistakes.
For example, B.A.S.E. proposal has come from it.

I think this is definitely not the way to continue to support it.


Excellent tool !

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