1D_Scripts, Bargool_1D_tools [main thread]

Hello. I answered this question in a post preceding yours.


Indeed, I didn’t notice :slight_smile:

im just add SpreadLoop in blender 3.0 for personal use (intergate it in default LoopTools addon menu that comes with blender). if 1d_inc not against - i can post it there.


Porting 1D_Scripts require solid redesign, since it is a solid toolset. I would prefer not to tear up it to functions/realizations otherwise it will be a mess.

You can post it as your custom Loop tools build I guess (I didnt communicated with its author for a years though)

Yep just my crappy custom build. Don’t spread it out of this thread.
copy with replace to blender installation folder\3.0\scripts\addons\

should work with blender 2.8-3.0

upd: added 1d_inc modification of zmj100 Edge Fillet , cleanup errors
mesh_looptools.py (258.6 KB)


If you want to help, then you need to like this topic more often: https://developer.blender.org/D10436
It would also be nice to write about the problem with the grid here: https://devtalk.blender.org/t/blender-2-8-wireframes-discussion/666

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Yeah, such a development is pretty scattered between devs in time.
1D_Scripts was an attempt to collect the most important as well.
Speaking of spread loop we also are testing a view-dependent approach instead of axis-restricted in another tool set.


You should do “extrude along path”, too. That was another fundamentally important one.

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@1D_Inc - I understand that the blender 2.7 series is totally your baby :wink:

BUT - for us silly “nim-no’s” up here in blender 3.0 (who totally use your videos as a topology-bible) we NEED TO KNOW - will you be making a version of your addon for blender 3.0? :blush:

Regardless of your answer, THANK YOU for your AMAZING contribution to the community. You’re an amazing artist, and an incredible person.


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Hi. The situation is a bit more comlpicated.

First, I am not a local person (like a freelance artist), I am a workflow designer in architectural company that uses Blender, so I represent its interests.
I also don’t make coding (at least, python) - company hire local developers to solve programming tasks, I just control them (setting tasks, checking results, manage, design and so one).

Since company can’t switch to new versions due to key functionality corruption and design issues, there is no reason for it to fund local development for a platform which is not used in direct production (Blender 3.0 is used mostly for visualization purposes, something like octane standalone, not for areas covered by scripts like modeling)

In short, there is nothing personal in this issue. We just have higher production requirements and demands than Blender 3.0 can offer us.
However, we are tracking ongoing Blender development in order to make sure if there will be a point we will be able to switch to it.


Good to know - nevertheless, THANK YOU for being such a superhero to & for the community! I’ll try installing your 2.7 addon in 3.0, just because - and if it doesn’t work, who knows? Maybe I’ll just have to make it myself!

(P.S., if anything worth recording pops up on your agenda, then you should TOTALLY start posting videos on your YouTube again! (assuming it’s possible!) You guys are absolute rock-stars!)

Thank you - keep the awesomeness flowing! WE LOVE YOU!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: