1st and 2nd blender images

My first finished blender image :slight_smile: I did it some time ago, but I thought I’d put it here for critiques anyway. The background is a photo, obviously, and the perspective doesn’t quite match but it was the best I had at the time.


here’s a closeup of the flower:


And as a bonus :wink: my second blender scene, placed here so I’m not spamming the main board. I got some help from some people here on particles and cumulus clouds, but I couldn’t make it look good without killing my pc :<


The second one is great. The water is the best I’ve seen made with blender.

how did you do the water???/
it reminds me of myst.

Both images are great. I think the shadows on the flowers are too sharp, they need to be more defuse.

The second image is really intriguing, and the water is good. My only crit is that the sky texture seems out of place.

:o wow its just fantastic, agree with M-K its just like Myst

It looks great.
But the second image. The rock or whatever it is (the black stuff) should be sharper, it looks to blurred.

the first one is nice but the second one? o man the water.

how did you do it? i guess the wave fx and particles.
the rings are a bit to static but the water around the sculpture looks great.


we want a tut!!!

I agree about the hard shadows on the flower, it was originally a soft shadow but I couldn’t get the light to be volumetric, shine through the glass, and have soft shadows all at the same time %|

The water actually is pretty simple. I didn’t use the wave effect (still haven’t figured that one out) but I did use particles.

The inner waves are just a plane cut and shoved around with the proportional edit tool thingy. Then I duplicated that, removed all but the inner 2 or 3 rows of vertices, subdivided as necessary, and added a particle effect.

I think the shadows look fine on the flower. Why would there be soft shadows on the flower but hard shadows on the floor? Anyway, I think the stool in the first pic could use something to mark it’s position on the floor such as a reflection or shadow.

The second pic could use a better sky map. Even the same one as from the first image would have done.

Both images are very nice all the same.

The shadows are seen through the flowers hence they should be a lot more diffuse.

Both are very nice. I’ll have to remember this thread because the water is absolutly great!

The flower scene would be better with AO I think. Because it looks strange without shadows under the little table, as if it was floating above the floor.

And the 2nd image… wow :smiley: The first thing I think of when I saw it was Myst (and I’m not the only one it seems, lol). I really like the water and the organic shape of the tower. Very nice job.

All the images are awsome but I prefer the water scene most

Wow, thats unbelivable water, thanks for the info.

Woow! I can’t really add any more, but yeah that whole second scene is brilliant. I’m no “artiste” but I’ve got no qualms with the sky. But, the water, is … remarkable! You say this is your second work ever? Heh, can’t wait to see what I can do with it. (Not that I have any talent…)

Not sure why it reminded everyone of Myst, the water in the original Myst was flat and green and textured quite poorly! I think the water reminds me of J’nanin in Myst III Exile (perhaps that’s what everyone means - also the big “tusk” -like thing is probably reminding people of J’nanin too).

Awesome stuff. Second one is best.

How did you texture the water? Mind sharing the texture settings?

great work my only crit is the rock i think you should fiddle with the texture