1st attempt- fall park

Well i decided to use gimp for somethign other than texturing and went for some 2d art. I was expieramenting so it took me about 2 hours but here it is. C&C would be nice :slight_smile:

anything? lol C&C please!

Well I can’t say that I’ve ever really done 2D painting in a computer myself, with the exception of my avatar here, but from what I do know I would say practice.

It might be an interesting way to learn if you tried to make this picture again, and spend a little more time on horizon lines, and stroke steadiness. However, because the strokes are consistent it works and looks like a completed picture, but try and put more detail in the picture. Or instead of doing more detail, just do a scene that doesn’t require so much detail.

I know it makes it look a little nicer, but the canvas texture isn’t helping you because it seams like your relying on it to hide the lack or detail actually painted in. While that works on real canvas, (I know because I did it) it makes it a little cheesy here on the computer. on that same note you could try and use the smudge tool to give it more of a painted stroke look. On my avatar I blocked in the very general shape and used the smudge tool for all the detailing.

Well if you still have a functional brain after reading my post I congratulate you, because you made it farther then me. I think I’m starting to get delusional without sleep… I should be going to bed now… but I’m not… I’m still up… talking to you… … …look! pretty fluffy pillows… I didn’t know pillows flew… must type on keyboard… …must give advice on things I don’t really know about… … … … zzzzzzz

I must say, i like it. I hope to see same kind of results made with Blender after Freestyle and Watercolor renderers have been implemented.

thanks guys! like i said its a 1st attempt so i didnt expect awesome complements. lookin more for help which u did perfectly! thanks :smiley:

Check these out:

Some finished digital art

Tutorials and whatnot

Welcome to the world of digital 2d :slight_smile: Good luck bro.

add an Oilify filter.

ok thanks guys! update soon :smiley: and yeah i kinda took a step backwards, 3D to 2D lol. but whatever works :smiley: