1st Bathroom Study

I found a random bathroom picture I liked and tried to recreate it, while following online tutorials on how to make the models. I created everything besides the PBR textures.

Any feedback/suggestions are appreciated!


two things:

check the camera rotation , this tut might help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsHbaSEe6F0

and strange thing - the mirror on the rigt reflects a toilen not the bathtub…
oh wait it’s a glasspane or venetian mirror ?
why then the toilet is visible seethrough ? what’s the purpose of the divider if not intimacy ?

besides that - good effort - keep pushing it !

Jarek D(DJ)


Thanks for the feedback. The camera is rotated like the original photograph was, and it’s supposed to be “frosted” glass that part, but obviously needs more frosting! :smiley:

It took some time for me to got it what is that window/mirror thing :smiley: lol i realized that it’s not until ceiling just half of it
Nice work though!

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Thanks, yeah the mirror needs more work. I think some glass in front of the glossy will help!

This looks a lot better I think. I mistakenly had use refractive caustics unchecked, originally, which meant the glass barrier cast a shadow.

The mirror has glass now, but I still think it could use some improvement, as well as the ceiling lighting.

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