1st big Project complete!

Hey Guys this is my 1st post. I’ve been using blender for about 3-4 months and finally completed my 1st big project. by that i mean over 20 objects and 5 texture.

I’ve tried a few big project before but they looked wonky and I give up. :slight_smile: but let me know what you think of this and any tips on improving. I know the texturing isn’t that good i just cant seem to do texturing properly I dno it looks different in my head as too what I end up with in blender.

thank you ^^


it only let me do one picture so heres the back


this is the refinance image i used to make this


Overall it’s a great model. The reference image seems a little stylized (or just more run-down?). Yours looks pretty realistic, and detailed… good job there.

The lighting needs some work, and a (simple) ground + sky would present it better, I think. The only texturing that stands out as needing much improvement is the concrete of the foundation and stairs.

Keep it up, and welcome to Blender and the community!

This looks pretty cool, Good job!

For a model with only 5 textures this looks amazing, especially if you do not look too closely. For me texturing is still the most challengeing in non animated models and there is only one way to get better: practice. But BlenderArtist is a good place to show of your pieces and get good advice on how to improve.
So here are my tips:
The grain on the wooden beams looks wrong, this probably comes from the mapping of the UVs. When you are using image textures, then you have to be careful when unwrapping your objects, so that they have the proper orientation.
The same thing is also true for the barrels, tables and chairs. With such objects I usually find it more useful to have them in a separate blend file and link them in. That way you have one central file that can be used in different models.

It looks good for an early build. If I had to crit something it’s that you need to scale up the UVs where you have the bricks. The brick texture is too big at the moment, making the whole model look too small.

I really like it, warped as it is it’s like it has a soul, really dynamic and a welcome relief from all the sterile archviz renders with their 90.0000 degree angles

thanks for the advice guys, ill bare them in mind for the next project. I work in a casino so I’ve decided the next project will be the whole casino, God knows how long it’ll take but ill try adding in the tips you guys gave me, should be fun ^^

Now you need to model a hobbit! Nice work very detail and would fit perfectly in any fantasy game setting!

Have you tried using substance for texturing/material design? It has seem bleeding so your textures will flow smoothly over your uv seems effectively preserving realism. Also it takes a lot of the practice out of the learning curve by using nodes instead of the traditional drawing style

Hey this is great especially for such short period of time using blender…

  • Some textures could use a bit of work as said…
  • having a proper lighting could push the model a step further for free, as you are in an exterior scene , grab a HDRI from HDRI heaven and throw it in your scene, then maybe lower the hdri intensity and use a sun lamp , you’ll have nice shadows and materials will react better to the lighting.
  • then a last comment , take it as a super icing on the cake to think about for future projects : The model is a bit straight , compared to the reference where everything is a bit distorted, there isn’t any straight lines and that give a lot of naturalness to the image.

But all these a critics for a more advanced CG artists, for a starter it’s quite a good work and also quite polished, move on to the next project and improve on the fly !

Welcome to BA by the way !