1st character

Hi everyone, I’m coming here with my 1st character modeling (not my 1st 3d experience though), and I’d like to have some comments/critiques on how I can improve her. I can also share the reference images, though I’m not trying to reproduce this image at all.

I still have the hands and hair to model, but I’ll do later

And I’d be glad if someone could tell me how to blur the images

You forgot to add the #nsfw tag

Oh ok!
I didn’t know that there was that tag with the other ones!

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Does not look very nsfw for me.

Body dimensions seem slightly off. If you’re trying for a realistic human, my suggestions:

  • Shrink legs at least by 15% relative to the body
  • Move all facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) up a bit. As a rule of thumb, in an adult, eyes should be halfway between chin and top of the head.

nice topology

I’m not aiming for photorealism, but still something that looks plausible.
I’ll correct the facial features, as I didn’t realize until late that on the drawing her face is a bit tilted to the ground.
As for the legs, I’ll shorten them too.
Thanks for the tips

I’m back again for some tips, help, advice on how to improve.
I’m actually not happy with how the eye sockets and lower lip look…
I know the eye socket is anatomically wrong, yet I can’t find a way to have it right…
And for the lower lip… I don’t know… It’s either too defined or not enough, I can’t make my mind up on that, and same, I can’t figure out how to get it right…