1st Ever

Well, this is pretty much my first everything in Blender. First rig, First sculpt, First weight paints, First uv map etc. He ain’t perfect but he’s mine :eyebrowlift2:.

I spent so much time on him that once I learned better techniques later in the process I just said to myself…Next project.

He is a fairly poseable rig but I’d not animate with him. Can anybody recognize him? He’s inspired by an old videogame character from 2001.

Ok, nobody wanted to hazard a guess. it’s Raziel from legacy of Kain.

This is actually really well done. Check that face rig and what it’s doing! Awesome!

Definitely didn’t see Raziel, but that’s because I remember him in his scarf… and not much face. XD

Thanks! Yeah I figured human Raziel was not getting enough attention.