1st head sculpt

Tried my hand at sculpting over the Christmas period using one of @YanSculpts courses as a guide. (Nice work btw Yan)!

I’ve yet to add skin textures which is where I’m bit stumped. The recent thread by @Kevin_Mucollari Realistic Natalie Portman Head Study shows a great example of what I’d like to be able to achieve, but without a clear idea on workflow and resource material, I’m not sure how I’ll get along. Searched YT and ZBrush forum etc, but it’s a bit of a minefield out there.

Here’s my work so far.


look really good!

nice work !!!

Good job - especially for a first take on this subject. My first head was worse ;).

Some parts of the model do stick out in regards of anatomy, though. For me, it was extremely helpful to study the planes of the head and the angles of the face. You can find loads of information about these on the net.

A common approach for further detailling - after dealing with the anatomy - would be a detail pass with a multires modfier to sculpt the finer details, wrinkles and pores. For texturing, a painted diffuse map (often called albedo today) for the skin texture would be the next step. This would require a UV map. You could also do some texture painting directly on the model. But that has some drawbacks, compared to the UV mapped approach.

Again, good job so far! Keep at it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice and encouragement @minoribus. Learning on the fly here. Started using blender about 6 weeks ago for architectural work but found myself doing this for some fun.

Currently doing a retopology on the figure so will hopefully work from that when its done.