1st Model with Blender


my 1st model after screwing with blender for a week

When I want to have the parts animated I have to keep the objects in different meshes?


concept sketch

Hey, looking good for a first model. No trigger? I like that you put it into edge mode. Good call. Keep it up. I look foward to the result. As far as the different meshes go, I’m not sure, though I’m almost entirely certain that you do not have to keep it in one mesh. I’m not sure how well armatures would work on a pistol model though…

This looks great for a first model. The edge settings were a very good call. It adds a certain style. Great job :wink:

Yes, you have to have the moving parts in different meshes if you want to animate them without an armature.

you CAN animate the vertices, how about vertex keys? but in this model it’s pointless… i advise making objects separatly (P Key in edit mode to separate verts)


the blue thing is a separate mesh. I was not sure what to do with it so I just left it separate.

btw someone skilled want to draw a texture for it?

go to www.geocities.com/oifthegame and take a texture from the gallery images!

I have played with the materials but I was asking if someone would like to draw a texture so I can practice UV mapping.

2nd model


Nice! :slight_smile:

what happened between the 1st and second models? looks like you subsurfed but it got all mushed up or something. I like the first one better.
Subsurfs can be tricky. have you tried correcting all normals? enter edit mode, select everything, hit CTRL-N and then correct the normals. might correct some of the dark spots i think i see.
but i would have stayed with the 1st model. looks so much better!

Try fixing the lighting in the second model. The black and white background has to go. I cant see a thing, so I cant give you any advice or crits. I like the first one though!

I have not used subsurface for the second… plz check screenshot


I like guns, I think I’ll do one next.