1st Project - Noddy Ignores Basic Safety Precautions

Hi there,

This is my first finished project in Blender. The car being the first thing I modelled after finishing the Gus tutorial. Very surprised at the speed blender can produce things, but also frustrated by the things it can’t do. After the car I started getting a bit fed up as the house was a good deal more difficult to model than the car (damn those booleans). Hence the lack of detail in the background. Still, a good learning experience and I’m fairly pleased by how it turned out.

Comments and criticism welcome.


cool! turn toon shading and perhaps outline drawing to get that cartoon effect! to do this go to render buttons press the button to the left called line and then click unified renderer if you have glass. also there are some things you can adjust in there so play around with it! keep it up!

Nice. You could put a better mat and tex on the wheels

Lol. Thanks for the laughs mate.

Nicely done scene, but you could try out that toonshader and edges, might add little more cartoony feel to the scene. But I do like it as it is atm.

hehe pretty cool dude,

blender can do anything dude, its your imagination that stops you ;).

Neat, the house looks like it was made with toy blocks

That’s because Noddy’s lives in a toy house. See here for what he looked like before he decided to scrimp on the car servicing fees. :slight_smile:

very nice, great!

where do I rate this pic! ;o)
My little daughter is five year old and looking Noddy on TV almost each day here in France, so I find this excellent :slight_smile:
BTW, I personally won’t go for a toon shader on this one, except for training, of course. It’s perfect like this even if the background and the house need a little more work to get the same quality than the car.

olivS said it all, and I share his analysis. I very much like car (very astute).



If you dare apply the toon shader it will kill it!

Noddy is not such a toon you fools!

I suspect tis scene could benefit from a little ambient occlusion. Also you could have done better on the headlights.

And a Noddy scene with no jingly bells? tsk.

:smiley: . that is a nice piece of work. its my wallpaper now. (dont like the myst uru wallpaper.)

Thanks for the comments everyone. Nice to see positive comments on my 1st render. Fair criticism too. Toon shading wasn’t the plan for this as Noddy is a book fiction character, not a cartoon and I’m not really interesting in what I consider a “novelty” feature of blender at this stage in the learning process. I need to learn texturing next. You’re right on the headlights though. They got ignored till the tidy up at the end and I spent a quick 30 mins on them which clearly wasn’t enough. This won’t be getting any more work on it as my tongue is already sticking out while modelling my next project.