1st project (updated 03 Nov 05)

This is my 1st real project with blender (I don’t count the gingerbread man and the castle from the beginner tutorials, although they were a good introduction). This was an exercise in navigating the windows and in several techniques. I may revisit this project someday to continue adding detail but for now I would appreciate any constructive critisism.


It’s good, especially for a new user. I would guess it is some sort of sci-fi troop carrier, you may want to change the title of the topic to explain what it is.
Now, for constructive criticisms on the model, firstly, the ventilation shaft does not go anywhere, just metal. It would seem pointless to have this ventilation opening there for no reason. Also, the red colour does not seem to fit with the rest of the model.
Secondly, textures, the texture you have seems rather stretched, while the texture on the floor is visibly tiling. It might be better for this WIP to have a grey floor, but that is up to you. I am sorry to say that you may have to learn UV-mapping (a difficult topic) if you want to give this a detailed texture, yet if you have not already, cubic projection may help. Click cube under map input.
You might also want to change the colour of the windows, perhaps make it reflective (or even if you want to go further make it transparent with an interior). This could be achieved with ray mirror, click the “Ray mirror” button in the material buttons, under the “Mirror Transp” tab. A gold-ish colour may work on this type of design, or at least make the blue reflective. Try different shades of blue as well.
To conclude, however, this is a very good model for someone who is new to blender.

Looks like a retired shuttle pod from the old star trek shows. Good Job, most of the stuff I see that needs tweaking is the actual design of the ship, some of the detail work doesn’t make perfect sense and seems simple, but it’s effective in what it’s doing; and the texturing which was mentioned above. If your looking for your next tutorial to try, do the UVmapping ones that you find, and search should bring up a few. Keep at it!!

Thanks to both for your critiques. I do plan to learn uv mapping soon. From what I have seen it is the best way to achieve the realism I will eventually be striving for. However, the next thing on my list is curved and smoothed objects. The freighter is just one big extrusion from the rear ramp to the cockpit nose (with a few pieces added on) and was intended to be a training exercise more than an actual model. Someday I will redo this design from scratch and include an interior. Thanks again. AK.

Well done on your first model man, reminds me of one of the transposts from Starship Trooper.

Maybe make it look a little more banged up when you decide to revisit it later.

I have incorporated several of your suggestions regarding the freighter. Glass colour changed, have added some depth to the intakes (as well providing an interior glow). The floor now consists of aggregate deck panel. I decided to leave the hull texture as is, I prefer the streaked look. Thanks for all your advice. Here’s the updated render.


wow your better than me already, and ive been using for nearly a year now.

thats really good, i really like the glow, how’d ya do that, is it a lamp with a red colour?

Thanks, glad you like it. Yes, the glow was created by sticking a couple of red area lights down inside the intake so that they shine on the horizontal planes at the mouth of the intake and onto the side of the cockpit.