1st python

I follow that tutorial on python.
I follow that tutorial on python. [http://blendenzo.com/tutBeginningBGEPython.html](http://blenderartists.org/forum/I follow that tutorial on python. http://blendenzo.com/tutBeginningBGEPython.html)
I suppose to enter this

[FONT=Courier New]cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
print dir(GameLogic)


In blender I created a keyboard sensor, up arrow, a python controler with the script name. when I press up I am supposed to see something (I don’t see it)

"Now if you look in the blender command prompt, you will find all the functions available to you under the GameLogic module. "

That’s strange.

print dir(GameLogic)

was all I needed to print off the list.

Try putting

import GameLogic

at the beginning of your script. In one of the versions, they made it so blender automatically runs “import GameLogic” at the beginning of each BGE script. Perhaps your version is older.