1st try, don't know what it is :P

First try, of … well, anything in 3D(except for an eggplant in anim8or but…that doesn’t count). Planning on an body, a beard and long hair… but didn’t figure the hairthing out yet. It’s my 3rd day of using blender so,… hope you like it so far(tips and suggetions are, as always, very welcome:P).

For the third time today… update!


WOW! for anly 3 days in blender this is really good! all you cube posting newbies take a look at this! could we see a wire?

yeah, just a sec

here you go…wires


Better version… I think, 3 days using blender, 2 days of work, 1 head… and what do you get… hmmwell… I’m still not entirely sure :stuck_out_tongue:


very good, the ears could do with some work and that neck is pretty screwed, but for only 3 days of bledner it is absolutly fantastic. cant wait to see more.

it’s a first try at a neck in a first try to make 3D things but I’m on it, will do something about that jaw too… the inside of the mouth needs work… how do I make teeth and a tongue?? Guess I can’t do it with this (single)mesh without making it skincoloured. and a beard? anyone?:stuck_out_tongue:

it looks more like an Orc from the Lord of the Rings.

Blender allows you to put different materials on the same object, so a tounge is fine with the same mesh.

A beard is a bit more complex. In Edit mode, select the faces you want the hair to come out of, and make a new vertex group. Then, in the object buttons under Physics, make new particles and then set them to static and vector. Then make it restrained to the vertex group you had made, and then tweak all the settings untill you’re happy.

you don’t … happen to know a tutorial for that heh?:stuck_out_tongue:

Colin Litster over at Cog Films has a tutorial you might find useful. It’s the one called “Creating Dense Smoke in Blender.” He’s not making hair, but he does show you how the particle system works. Once you’ve got that down, Tynach’s answer will make a whole lot more sense. Nice model, by the way.

blendernation.com - [video tutorial] multiple materials on a single mesh

looking good. The shoulders look very good, i cant believe your only a few days old with blender!:eek: i would say though that the head looks a little too small for those shoulders. other than that very good!

Yeah, I’m on it, as soon as I get the usual starting screen buttons back on my screen… and have 1 screen instead of 2 with green wires and stuff… I’ll figure it out I guess… putting another unfinished project on though:P

Instead of joining your 3d view windows to get more space to work in, use Ctrl-Downarrow to toggle the window your cursor is in to full screen. Ctrl-Downarrow will get you back to your cluttered version when you need the button panel, or the camera view along with the 3D view or something.

Also, that little button next to the help button on top of the screen lets you pick pre-set screen setups (you’re probably looking for ‘2-model’ from the drop down menu) or to set up your own favorite workspaces and add them to the list.

I have to agree, that’s not bad for having 3 days of experience.
One tip to go with Orinoco’s: you can also use SHIFT-SPACE to maximize the window you have the mouse cursor in… Hold down shift first, then hit the space bar, repeat to restore the multiple windows view. I use this all the time. Pretty much never have to move my hand on the key board when modelling.
About youir model: could use post a screen shot according to my signature please? That way we can see what is going on with your mesh better. Thanks, and keep this up!

Hey,… I was offline a few days… provider cut me off. Anyway, I’ve dropped my projects… both of 'em. I screwed up… when I render them, The faces won’t show up, so I thought: what’s the use to continue?maybe some day I’ll finish them… but… I lost it, will start a new one though:P get it right this time:P