1st try

My 1st try in a 3d character! (got blender about 2 or 3 weacks)

I call it “The Cyber Zoom-B 01!” :stuck_out_tongue:

coments pease!


First off, for 2-3 weeks of Blender experience, it’s awesome!
I love the camera pose and the lighting too. On to the model, then. :slight_smile:

The areas around the armpits and chest are very well executed. I’d love to see a wireframe of it. In contrast, the legs and feet look a bit bland, as if you lost interest in the model half-way through. :slight_smile: Not sure about the material on them either…

The openings of the sleeves and the lower part of the “skirt” are very thin and yell “polygons!” at me. I’d try to curve them upwards a bit , or try to add some thickness to it.

The other area I think needs a bit of work is where the eyes meet the head - the straight intersections really give the CG away. Try raising the mesh a bit around the eyes.

Other than that, it’s really cute! :slight_smile:


About the legs, I did the naked body first, and make the clots over ir… and probably it was a mistake, because i wasn’t able to modelate them very well… especially the pants and the shoes!


It’s not necessarily a bad thing. But for more complex models it could be a waste of time first making a whole body and then slapping clothes on it, which will then cover most of the body anyways.

That is, unless you’re planning on animating the model so that it’ll end up showing some skin in the end-product, or something along the lines of that.

Top-notch stuff for 3 weeks man! Keep going!

Well, i was thinking about do same different positions and a small ( just to try) animation. But the “meat” passed above the clot wen i was moving the “bones”…

3 weeks? Ive had Blender for 2 months and cant do anything near that good. Is Blender your 1st 3d program?

But i had same advantages because i’m a traditional 2d drawer since i was born and i learned same “Descriptive Geometry” in University!

(i’m not sure if this is the right term in English, in Brazil we call “Geometria Descritiva” its a geometry that works whit 3D objects in a 2D paper)

Anyway, nothing that can not be intuitively learned whit blender. It just helped me go faster!