1v1 Gametype?

Hey Everyone,
I’ve decided I’ve had enough dabbling around in the BGE, even though there is much more I can learn, and I’ve considered getting serious about a game project.

But what’s a project without an idea eh?

I’ve been thinking of doing a game that is relativly simple. Something fast-paced, fun and quick (lasting only 5 minutes per level).

So here’s my idea so far:

  • 1 on 1 splitscreen; sorta of a Capture the Flag game.
  • Your job is to steal the opponent’s “flag”, and bring it back to your base.
  • However, it is possible to kill each other, so if you die, your respawn time could leave your flag exposed.
  • Bringing the flag back will not be easy either, as there will be traps and obstacles.
  • Bringing the opponents flag to your base will score you a point, 5 points (or more) will win the game.Whew Looking back at it, it looks like its gonna be a lot of work (at least to get it polished).

As sorta something to start with, I quickly drew up a test level in Paint. The white is solid ground, the light grey is an elevated surface, the dark grey is an incline, and the black is a pit.


Any comments, crits, or suggestions would be awesome!

I quickly drew up a test level in Paint.

Upgrade man! go Gimp or something.
The general game idea sounds good, I cant say much yet, except good luck

Lol, fast reply.

Yes, I could do it in Photoshop or Gimp, but I wanted to see peoples reactions first to the idea.

I don’t think this is the kind of game you want to be making.

Split screen would be useless, because even if you have people to play with, how are you going to set up controll schemes for 2 people on 1 keyboard? You could have devices like gamepads, but then that too becomes a requirement that people won’t be content with.

All that would lead to you trying to make a network framework for somekind of an online multiplayer capability.

Now, I don’t know your skill level, but doing that is no cake walk.

If you are just starting up (like this is your first or second game in blender), I suggest you go with something smaller.


If you are running linux, inkscape can’t be beat.

Hmm, well honestly I have used blender and the BGE for at least 6 months (mostly as a hobby, but I know about modeling, rigging, animations, texturing and logic bricks), but I admit I havent gone into Python yet (maybe checking out your Python Tutorial would be best).

Also, I have rarely experienced any problems with two people and one keyboard. One person uses WSAD, while the other uses the numpad, or the arrow keys.

I dont want to make this online, and I have a feeling that the AI required for this would be far beyond my level of experience. So I assumed that splitscreen was the way to go.

This sounds like a really cool project to me, if done right. One thing that would make it interesting is that if you made multiple floor levels with ramps/stairs leading up to them

If you ever need any help with this project, Ill be willing to help.

If you are running linux, inkscape can’t be beat.

Thanks Social good to know…
unfortunately, Im running XP…

Player 1 = W,S,A,D
Player 2 = up,down,left,right


@ Wanted bob: good luck with your project, but it will take time and hard work to pull this off.


Thank you everyone for your comments. I know that making a game like this will be no easy task, so I will make no promises till I have a decent build of it.

Lol, you guys didn’t get my point.

Unless you are playing with a saint, chances are having two sets of controlls on one keyboard leads to people messing around with eachother, trying to get the other person to lose by messing with their controlls etc.

Also, (I don’t know how small you guys are) but personally I couldn’t imagine sharing keyboard controll and not “struggling” for space.

It’s just crowded, not how you want to do things here. (trust me, I have quite a bit of experience with this playing all those split screen flash games)

It would be much better (and in some cases even easier) for you to make this single player, with a decent AI.

My $0.02.

Well obviously, but i simply answered your question, and i know what your saying trying to mess with each others keys :P.

Playing agienst AI would be a better idea but you cant beat a bit of PvP now can you.

Lol, your “answer” I already knew, my question was in reference to convenience in sharing a keyboard for any two people (as I already explained). I probably should have been a little clearer on that, but I didn’t think you guys would mistake it for a technical question.

but you cant beat a bit of PvP now can you.
Yea, if you are talking about networked play, which is really what it all comes down to for any kind of usefull multiplayer.

Split screen (while sounding like a great idea) is utterly useless here. Most of the people play video games by themselves or online, and not everyone can wake their best buddy at 3AM for a blender game. It’s just not convinient, because when no one else is around, the game can’t be played.

That fact leaves only two logical options for a game like this:

  • Single player AI
  • Networked multiplayerNow take into consideration Wanted Bob’s experience level, and that leaves you with one logical option, which is to go with a Single player AI game.

Look further down your development choices guys. Rushing into things will only bring you headaches.

I suppose that single player would be more efficient, but (with my skill level at least) the AI would only be able to beeline it to the flag, occasionally shooting the player if he gets too close.

I’m assuming to do more than that requires you to be an expert in Python.

Perhaps it should be the player against multiple enemies guarding the flag instead. The player That requires a lot less experience in Logic Bricks and Python…

Do you reckon that might be easier? I try to be concious of my limits, but it’s good to get feedback from other people.

Not really, it takes a little work, but it’s nowhere near as hard as you may think it to be.

Look through this thread here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=82180

Download the AI example files that I made for delmarco there, and play around with them. I kept them very simple. If you go through my python tutorial, you’ll be able to figure out the examples in no time.

And if you find your self having trouble with anything (since you are being very polite here) I am only a PM away, and willing to help.

Well, I completed the Python Tutorial you made, and looking at the scripts you made, they are making more sense (Although I keep thinking of how I could do it with Logic Bricks). In the end, it is a real timesaver, and doesn’t clutter up the interface. I’ll spend some more time looking at the Python terminology and stuff like that.

Thanks for your help.

Well a real simple capture the flag AI could be somthing like:

The NPC would always go for the flag, when it collides with the flag the flag disapears and gives the NPC a flag property, now the NPC will track to its base, when the NPC collides with its base with the property flag the game will end, also have the NPC disapear and respawn at his base (without flag property) when a players bullet hits him.

Now leaves you to convert that to logic, i could but it would take some time to do also letting you will give you a bit of xp along the way. :slight_smile: (if you totally cant do this on your own, just say and i will try to help or just do it for you)


Thanks for the help, Braveheart. I could do that, but unless the game area is open and flat, there should be a way to avoid opstacles. I don’t know an effective pathfinding method using Logic Bricks, but if you know of a way, any suggestions would be great.

Hmm, im not to sure how you would go about haveing the NPC avoid obsticals, but you could maybe use a ray sensor and when your NPC comes near to the wals with property wall you could have it move in a diffrent way (maybe have the left wall with property wall 1 so when it gets near it will go right or which ever direction the open ground is, and have the right with wall 2 etc… this is just basic though) but python will certainly work, if you do a search for avoiding obsticals you should find some stuff. ( i have saw a few scrips that alow this).

Hope this helps you out,


For a compie to jump a pit, you could have a ghost plane (invisible, of course) as a wall around all edges. Then it could jump when it detects it.
And I really like the “player vs many opponents” idea. Makes it more challenging while being easier at the same time.