2 1/2 D practice shots

(goneflyin) #1

Well I’m still really new to blender with only about a month of playing around but I’ve been trying to get the hang of putting 3d models into photos and getting them to cast shadows. I put up three renderings at the bottom of my webpage so I could share them with you all. I find the feedback here really helps tremendously.



(banana_sock) #2

looks like you could use anti aliasing (the OSA button on the f10 window) The spots and planes look to be correctly placed, although the darkness of the shadows could use a bit of correction.

(Detritus) #3

I like all of your images, but there´s a very common problem with the images were you have put a 3d-object on a photo; the realworld-background is very noisy in these pics, but there´s no noise on the 3d-objects, so they stand out very much from the background.
But the shadows are very good, and I love those space-scenes! Good lcuk!

(Rhysy 2) #4

Seeing those pics makes me want to learn this shadows-on-photos technique ! Did you use that tutorial on blenderwars.com, or something else ?

(digitalSlav) #5

very nice - another thing that stands out in your pictures is that the darkest things in your picture are the 3d pieces like the black parts ont he wings and wheels on the plane. these should be blended to just about the darkest color in the image. the black wouldn’t be nearly that dark with the current lighting in the scene.

awesome job though!

(WeirdHat) #6

http://www.weirdhat.com/blender/comp-tute/ Ta da!