2.27 armature - new feature?

When you select an armature in edit mode (to set up all of the parenting etc.) there is a list with skinnable, unskinnable, thumb, arm, head , back. …

I cant find any differences it makes, is it a new feature as yet not implemented or have I missed something?


This is a great new feature that can ease the pain of assigning verticies to your armatures. For example, there is one option (away from Blender so I don’t remember the exact menu options) that when clicked, assigns verticies to the bone closest to it. So, lets say you have a cartoon guy with bones inside. With the right selection, your leg bone will be assigned your character’s leg verticies. You’ll likely have to tweak a little, but this feature is definitely a big time saver.

so it means it only si for the naming not for weighing?