2.28: 'import site' failed; use -v for traceback

what does this message mean? It only says it with 2.28 and I don’t have any scripts in my user defaults.

See this topic above yours: WinXP HATES BLENDER
This seems to be to import Python 2.23, but I haven’t tried it as yet.

I get the same message with XP and Win 98.
Seems to work properly , no problems so far.
But I would like to know the meaning of the message.


i had that when i installed 2.28 [reminds me of good old 2.12 ;)]
but after i installed python it didnt happen again.

but what the heck does that mean? i always wondered…

I read somewhere that blender uses python internally for a few things, and one of the things it does must involve importing a module called “site”

I don’t know what “site” is supposed to do though, or why it’s used…
It’s evidently not something especially important since blender runs fine…

I read through the python docs and found site:

all it seems to do is set up the search path for other modules that you want to import

I have the latest release of Python installed and have set both PYTHOHPATH and PYTHONHOME,
but I still get the “import site failed” message. And adding the “-v” command line argument
gives no further information. I haven’t tried any Python scripts inside Blender yet, so I
don’t know how much I should worry about this, but it is irritating to get an error message
when you start up a program.


I get it also and I’m using W2k.

i got…

'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
no font found for international support

Linux Mandrake 9.1 Blender 2.28

i get the same message, no problems yet though.

the buttons seem smoother, like the text has been faded on the edges, and it runs a little slower, but nothing majorly different.
Have to try out the new shaders properly.