2.3 Alpha UI Screenshot

1600 x 1200 resolution on Windows XP.

Configured with 2 vertical toolbars and a standard 4-port view.

Maybe it’s kind of superficial - but I think just the UI enhancement
alone might cause some people to re-evaluate Blender. In a good
way I mean.


Hm… I hope you will not make a bad gui…

hey… that could be a start of a nice Yellow Cube With Interesting Lighting…


That is a nice setup. A little too busy for my taste, but I like it. I could get used to it.

I typically only use 2 view ports though.

Keep up the good work.



Is there a way I can pull the 2.29 tree from CVS so I can test/play with it?



Ton posted a build yesterday. http://www.blender.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=phpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=2289

BgDM - Yeah it is kind of busy. But it is pretty customizable. I was just messing around. You can set your “Button Windows” to be Vertical, Horizontal, or Free - where you can move them around at will. You can also move their positions around & minimize sections.

Pretty sweet stuff!!

Looks like Lightwave. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I guess it depends on your preferences.

“Vertical, Horizontal, or Free”

does this mean that blender on two monitors will finally be a reality?

Tried the new build last night, and I must say that it is very nice (the new gui that is)
Didn’t know about the vertical, horizontal, or free part so time to go have more fun with it
Blender shall rock you till you drop :smiley:

The “Free” allows you to freely move the sectional button boxes WITHIN the button window - not outside of the button window or the application window.
At least I don’t think so.

If only we all had 1600x1200 desktops :frowning:


I’m at work on my 21".

wish I had 3 monitors 1 with the buttons 1 with the full grid and another with a reference I work on/chat with people/browse on internet on

Hmm… hope I can still use the GUI in my really old 800x600 pc… the other is now running at the funky resolution of 1152 x 864… which I think can handle that…

Wait a second, I can configure the UI, no need to make a complex screen like yours… oh silly me…

(i want three monitors too…)

can’t wait :smiley:

I vastly prefer this to the tuhopuu one. Great!

As someone said, looks like Lightwave, although I’d say a hybrid with XSI . . .

Does anyone know if/how it handles multi-monitor stuff? That would be cool if it did.

Thus far it does not handle multimonitor in any other way than allowing window stretch. I believe that its on the roadmap though. There are some awesome changes being made to the UI that I have to comment on:

  1. The new grid is amazing and I have to commend Ton for putting in it there. Its much more useful. The only thing about I wish is that holding control and shift snapped to the new, smaller visible gridlines. But thats a small detail that isn’t necessary.

  2. The buttons panels in horizontal layout now collapse VERTICALLY instead of HORIZONALLY which is awesome because it makes it so that it takes up only 10 or 15 pixels of space when collapsed.

  3. The individual tabs on the panels look much better now, and its much easier to see that you’re actually using a tabbed part of a panel.

  4. The themes are really really good and I can’t wait until all of the selections are finished so I can mess around with them more.

There’s a few more things I like, but onto a couple ideas/crits that I’ll also post on the funboard if I get the chance today:

Perhaps the three menus added to the headers could be reworked somehow so they’re more balanced and take up less space.

dgebel from the blender.org forum suggested that the rotation and scaling icons be replaced with a popup like that of the shading selections which not only indicate current shading mode, but also allow you to select a new one. I think this would save some real estate as well.


Goto my site here, goto downloads, then download “defacto”, the dual monitor .blend.

Instructions inside. Once I get a working version of the new interface I’ll make several new configs for dual monitor purposes.

Enjoy it!!

PS: I asked ton if the new UI stuffes would be workable on a spanned monitor, he said it would be. 8)

firstly, why make it like lightwave?secondly, wouldn’t have been it better to keep those NISC,PAL,Default etc. buttons in a single pull-down menu?it would have saved some space.and also i think there is no need to make the ‘ANIM’ button so large.