It’s out now! Go get it!

Yay !
Well, I’m glad alt+lmb is reimplemented, but it seems to be very slow.
(doesn’t anyone miss the translate view button besides me though ?)
I’m sure there’s lots of nice bugfixes, have to check this out more !

congrats!!! to all devlopers and blnderers

Yay! I got it just before this post came out! It’s the same, but less buggy. :wink:

yes! yes!

I’ve got it! I’ve got it!

I love the pathos of new releases…

i got it too !!!

i’m just testing it at that time !

coooooooooool !

Weird, I just compiled a CVS checkout yesterday, so it’s essentially 2.31 :wink: (I actually checked out not long after Ton posted the new changelog, and the new splash screen is in it, so it’s close enough for me!). It seems to be subtly faster, maybe because I compiled it myself, maybe not, and I really like the new interface options. I haven’t gotten a chance to try out the new python modules or the revamped unified renderer. Congrats to all the committers!

me too (cvs checkout the day before)
I like the way blender remembers hidden vertices when you enter and exit editmode. much smoother than the old way (and something I had always secretly wished for)

Ooops, I said it seemed very slow, it was because I was rendering something in terragen at the time :expressionless: It’s actually quite a bit faster than 2.3.

heading over there now!

I installed theeths latest (at the time) build quite recently, so I am going to assume I am good for now.

The addition of a texture module will definitely help with closer integration of external renderer support.

Does it work with mandrake yet?

If not…

Any RPMs yet, hazmat?

hehe, way cool.

Don’t forget to read the release notes!

Sorry about the delay, holidays over here in the States…

Fresh RPM ready to go…available at http://reblended.com/www/mshannon



looks like a 2.31a coming out shortly

RPM engine will remain in standby…



I don’t think I would be the first to notice that the knife tool does not work anymore, so what am I doing wrong. I tested on two machines. In 2.30 everything is fine.

Wanted to show this technique to a 3dsMAXer today in school, and then… :expressionless:

Just found out that the cut is confirmed with ENTER instead of RMB, which is far more logical…

Sorry folks