2.33 ... How to find bpydata now?

I’m writing on a Script which uses Blenders new “bpydata” Folder to store it’s Datas in. In 2.32, this Folder was located in Blenders Main-Directory. Now, with 2.33, it’s located in the “Application Data” Folder (Win2K). Im not sure how to readout this with Python. The only Way i found is:

import sys
print sys.path[7]

I know, that’s the Scripts Folder. I have to replace “scrips” into “bpydata”. But is this a save Solution for future Blender Versions? And does this Code give a similar Result on other (non Win) Systems?
Please help! Scripting in Blender is not funny with this Version-incompatibility-Stuff, really! :x

That’s not a safe solution at all. More than likely, it will only work on your system. Let alone other OS.


Thaks theeth
I use Blenders Main-Folder now, till there is a Standard in Blenders File-Management established.

Will there be a 233a that has the .blender folder back in its rightful place? I downloaded the "official release"version again last night but still no .blender folder created by the (windows) install. I know I can repair 233 using the old 232 folder and files. Will we see a fix??

I hope so! I think it’s totally Nonsense to put the PlugIn Folder out of the Main Path.